Invitation to the Keila City Council meeting

The 14th session of the Keila City Council took place on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 at 18.00:XNUMX in the Keila City Hall.

On the agenda:

  1. Mayor's reporte
  2. Additional budget II of the 2022 budget of the city of Keila

The city council read for the first time the supplementary budget II of the 2022 budget of the city of Keila in the total amount of -720 euros. Tax revenue will be increased by 248 euros due to better collection of personal income tax compared to the main budget. This amount is transferred to the cash balance. The revenue from the sale of goods and services will be increased by 299 euros. According to the actual allocation of non-targeted grants, the income of the grant fund will be increased by 100 euros. Of this, 14 euros go to the national subsistence line and 690 euros to the replacement and support service line. From targeted subsidies, the budget for the income of Keila's core activities will be increased by 109 euros. The largest amount of this, i.e. more than 513 euros, is for Keila School. The borrowing budget will be reduced by 105 euros due to the postponement of major investment projects to the next fiscal year. The initial usable cash balance at the beginning of 442 was 4071 euros. Considering the change in liquid assets planned in the 300 budget of 471 euros in the main budget, -150 euros in the first supplementary budget and -000 in this supplementary budget, the amount of the cash balance will be 2 euros at the end of the period.

2. Amendment of Regulation No. 26.02.2013 of 5 of the Keila City Council "The structure and positions of the Keila City Government (as an institution), the salary guide for employees and managers of institutions managed by the Keila City Government"

The Keila City Council amended its regulation of 26.02.2013 "The composition of the structure and positions of the Keila City Government (as an institution), the salary guide for employees and managers of the institutions managed by the Keila City Government". With this regulation, a change was made in the composition of the positions of the Keila City Government and in the maximum rates of the basic salary scale. The position of communications manager and the position of internal auditor and the position of advisor were added to the mayor's authority (the position of supervisory specialist was renamed, the job description and the position's subordination were changed). The position of project manager was added to the composition of the Development, Culture and Youth Employment Service as a new job. The next period's euro support measures are opening, the Project Manager monitors and is aware of the opening measures and creates connections with the action plan of the city of Keila. The task of the project manager is, if the application round is suitable, to involve city specialists in the relevant field, write project applications, manage projects and report. Within the Economic, Construction and Environmental Service, the specialist's job was renamed to the public order specialist's job, and the planning specialist's job was changed to a position. Within the education and social service, the position of guardianship specialist was named the position of guardianship and social work specialist, and the fixed-term position of coordinator and 2 fixed-term positions of support person were added. The job of an accountant in the accounting service was abolished, according to which there is no need.

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