Referendum on the inclusive budget until 31.01.2023

You can vote for your favorite proposal from January 12 to January 31, 2023.

There are 2023 proposals on the vote for the 10 inclusive budget of the city of Keila.

By the deadline, October 25, 26 proposals were received, from which the committee selected ten proposals by combining repeated or similar ideas. Ideas for which the 2023 euros planned in the 20 budget of the city of Keila are not enough for implementation, are planned to be implemented through another project or have already received funding in previous years were left out.

Voting will take place electronically from 12 to 31. until January 2023 through the page. For this, it is necessary to log in to the system using an ID card or Mobile ID. It is also possible to vote in the Keila municipality during opening hours.

All residents of the city of Keila who are at least 16 years old as of the date of the announcement of the vote can participate in the vote. Each city resident participating in the vote can vote for one proposal.

Read more about the inclusive budget and the proposals on the ballot FROM HERE.

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