40st week 2022

Monday, October 3:

New people in the city administration: as of today, planning specialist Kadi Tuul has started work, and the Ukrainian support group of the social department is also fully staffed, consisting of Eve Vahar, Viktoria Nigul and Olesja Belski.

Youth Center birthday week. Monday 15:00-18:00 fun games, trampoline, ice and lots of fun. Tuesday 12:00 - 19:00 fun games, trampoline, jump + Foodtruck Full body!. Wednesday 10:00-18:00 free schedule. Thursday Youth Center's big birthday party at Keila Culture Centre. The center is closed! Friday Center is closed! Saturday 10:00 - 14:00 there will be a children's and youth flea market in Noorteka.

The results of the student council elections held at Keila School were revealed. Kriselda Kisel was elected president and Risto Sepp as vice president.

To celebrate International Music Day, students Lotte (Gerli Padar) and Klaus (Toomas Laur) visited Keila School's Park House today, October 3, and conducted a great music lesson. We got acquainted with different body instruments and invented a song together!

At Keila School, school canteens are open for parents' week. As part of the week of open school canteens, the canteen owner wants to give parents the opportunity to see and taste the selection of food that is offered to children on a daily basis and how the provision of school lunches is organized in general. In addition to getting to know school food, this is a good opportunity to enjoy a full-value lunch at an affordable price in the middle of the working day. As part of the week of open school canteens, parents are offered exactly the same food as students on a daily basis.

Postcrossing in Harju County Library. Over 200 postcards from all over the world from the collection of Pille-Riin Moilanen, who has been sending and waiting for postcards for eight years. At the exhibition, it is worth looking at not only postcards, but also stamps, postmarks and messages on the backs of postcards. If you are interested, watch the study for hours.

Haapsalu Photo Club's 2021 annual exhibition about nature on the orange wall of the Harju County Library.

Today, a rally car visited Naksitralli in the yard of Vikerkaare Kindergarten's Sipsiku house. All other people interested in the Sipsik house were also invited to inquire. Big and small were allowed to sit in the rally car and even helmets could be tried on. There was a lot of excitement! A thousand thanks to the team Roland Murakas and Kalle Adler. Many thanks to Marek Põder, Sander Põder and Peeter Taimsaar for organizing the event! Thanks to the Naksitralli group team and everyone else involved.

The Union of Harju County Municipalities announces that they can submit candidates for the Harju County Maker of the Year recognition event 2022. The Harju County Maker of the Year competition is looking for proposals from people, associations, institutions, and companies that have distinguished themselves in 2022 with a remarkable contribution to the development of the county. Both individuals and organizations can nominate more progressive and good performers for recognition.

This week, the Keila Social Center started a new season of hobby groups for the elderly. Oct. 3 at 15.30:4 p.m. - Plant carpet making workshop for social center employees. On Tuesday, October 15.00, XNUMX:XNUMX, a meeting with the Senior Group in the town hall.

It turned out that approximately 250 of the last (September 30) issues of Keila Lehe have been lost somewhere between the printing house and the carrier, which is why some of the coverage area will remain in Keila Lehe this time. The editors apologize and offer to read the page from the web.

The public display of Tammiku tee 4 DP will take place from 03.10 to 16.11.2022. Information desk on the 23.11.2022st floor. The DP public hearing will take place on 17.00 starting at 11:30 in Keila City Hall (Keskväljak 03.10). The public exhibition of Park 16.11.2022 DP will take place from 22.11.2022 to 17.00. The public discussion of the DP will take place on 11 starting at 11:11 in Keila City Hall (Keskväljak 76608). You can familiarize yourself with the materials at https://www.keila.ee/avalikustamised-teated and at the information desk on the XNUMXst floor of Keila City Hall (Keskväljak XNUMX). We welcome opinions about DPs in writing (Keila City Government, Keskväljak XNUMX, XNUMX Keila) or electronically klv@keila.ee.

Registration for the asbestos collection round is closed. 31 registrants. The asbestos collection raid is carried out by Keskkonnateenset AS. Information will be sent to everyone who registered by email or phone call. Collection trips will take place on October 11-12. 

Tuesday, October 4:

Exhibition in Harju County Library "Ave Alavainu 80". Ave Alavainu (October 4, 1942 – April 3, 2022) was an Estonian poet and prose writer, who lived his last years in AVE VITA, whose historic courthouse on Tiigi street in Kärdla became one of the local cultural centers over the years. Ewa-Kaisa was Ave's good friend and friend. The last times Ewa-Kaisa met Ave at Benita's home. The opening of the exhibition turned into memories of Ave. In addition to Ewa-Kaisa, several people who met Avega in different periods of her life spoke. Mart Siilmann also sent flowers to the organizer of the exhibition on behalf of the Estonian Writers' Union. PICTURES

Bookbinding art exhibition Olav Soans Estonian cultural and historical maps in the glass showcases of the Harju county library.

The exhibition in Keila Social Center about what the berry patterns tell about, the author of the pictures is Zhanna Toht, a meadow berry resident in Estonia since 2007.

Wednesday, October 5:

Today, teachers' day was celebrated in the northern building. In the morning, a gathering was held in the school's atrium, where the school management handed over power to the high school students for one day. The style day "1950s fashion" was held. At the end of the day, the students waited for the teachers in the hall, where the teacher of the year awards were distributed and they enjoyed a joyful program together. The most festive part was the ceremony in the hall, where the best teachers were recognized: Teele Jurtom-Lukašin in the humanitarian-social field, Oksana Orotško in real and natural sciences, Michael Kirschinger in foreign languages, Kairo Arna in creative and skilled subjects, and Marika Kuldjärv in the support field. The best class teacher will be revealed on Friday, when the teachers' day event takes place in the Park House. The film about teachers "Upside Down Day" made by the students came to the presentation. Today's principal, Kriselda Kisel, returned the power in the school to the usual management. And finally, the twist. PICTURES

The mayor of Keila, Enno Fels, went to congratulate the teachers on the important day even before the ceremony, and the mayor also visited all other educational institutions in the city. On Friday, the teachers' day event organized by the city will take place in the cultural center.

On this wonderful day, the teachers of both houses of Vikerkaare kindergarten had the opportunity to experience a mind-relaxing activity accompanied by soothing music, along with light physical movement and pleasant stretching. The moment of relaxation for the teachers was preceded and followed by a lunch coffee table for the entire staff. Parents with children thanked the staff of their group with flowers and surprises. Many thanks to the chefs for making melt-in-your-mouth sandwich tarts!

43 little girls were invited to the baby ball for babies born in May, June, July and August at the Harju County Library: 21 girls and 22 boys. Children from Mickey's kindergarten performed. PICTURES

An image resembling a Red Army helmet with a pentagon has been removed from the memorial stone in the central park by order of the city. It is known that Red Army soldiers may be buried in the cemetery above Keskparg, near the stone in the picture, which was installed on a private initiative in 2005. "1944. In the fire that broke out after the battle of Keila on September 23, the former curate's house at Paldiski mnt. 2 was destroyed along with the cemetery papers and other documents (the restored building currently houses the office of Michael's Church). On the same day, the Naha fabric store was burnt down in a fire. According to the archives of the Tallinn National Defense Department, 182 fallen were buried in Keila's mass grave. Only 58 of them have detailed information in the archive. According to the aforementioned archive as well as the data collected by the teachers and students of Keila II High School, Red Army soldiers who died in different places and under different circumstances rest in the mass grave not so much during the war, but mainly just after the war. However, most of them were not buried in a mass grave. This was only noted in the documents (Mandel 1994:31). According to Alma Kulp, who lived near the cemetery, only a few or three Red soldiers were buried in connection with the construction of Jaama Street, and they were laid to rest behind the monument of the 1918 Keila battle with a solemn ceremony. ... The graves of the Red Army soldiers are currently located behind the memorial stone to those who died in the Second World War, opened on September 5, 2005, in a hollow visible a few dozen meters away," writes Harjumaa Museum researcher Urmas Arumäe in his research. The graves of the Red Army soldiers are located in front of the memorial stone, which has been turned over by the cemetery for a few years. The cemetery in the central park is under heritage protection. A common protection zone has been established for the monument by the Minister of Culture on June 1.06.1995, 19. 1/1996 (RTL 119, 120/627, XNUMX) with the mass grave of those killed in the First World War and the mass grave of those killed in the Second World War recognized as a cultural monument.

At Väärikate University, the State Chancellery's so-called Keila gave a lecture by her boyfriend Ivo Krustok, "What is a green turn?". A greeting for the past music day and today's teachers' day from music school teacher Pille Metsson

Marit Piir was elected president of the student activity in Keila School's Pargimaja.

Keila Basketball School's Saku II League team opened the scoring on Wednesday when they defeated Tartu University/Septicum 101-75. Our best Lenk 28 points, 10 assists, 9 rebounds, efficiency 51; Sepik 24 points, 4 rebounds, 4 assists, efficiency 19; Lillimägi 19 points, 6 rebounds, efficiency 21; Arro 13 points, 7 assists, 3 interceptions, efficiency 21. The next game will be on October 13, when we will travel to Rapla Basketball School.

Stanislav Antipov's exhibition was opened in the Keila Cultural Center on October 5 as part of the tribe month.

Harju Elekter announced its joining the Rohetiiger representative organization.

A fire drill was held in Miki's kindergarten.

Thursday, October 6:

The 54th session of Keila City Government on October 6, 2022.

The city government assigned the land necessary to serve the building at Tähe tn 13a to establish the building right on state land, the expected time of the buildings' existence, the location address and the intended purpose as follows: location address Harju county, Keila city, Tähe tn 13a; Harju county, Keila town, Tähe tn 13a, the approximate size of the land needed to serve the building is 632 m² according to the boundary proposal for determining the land needed to serve the building in the annex to the order; land use target 100% residential land; the expected life of the building is 30 years.

The city government named the traffic areas formed between the residential buildings along Geoloogide Street in Keila as Pääsukes Street, Tihase Street, Ööbiku Street and Leevikes Street.

The city government recognized OÜ KESKKONNAPROJEKT's tender with a cost of 39 euros, plus VAT of 978%, as the second most economically advantageous tender in the preliminary evaluation of the tenders recognized as appropriate. There were 20 offers in total.

The city government approved the draft design conditions for the preparation of the district heating pipeline project for the properties at Paldiski mnt 26a, Piiri tänav, Piiri tn 1, Piiri tn 3 and Piiri tn 5, to be sent to the border neighbors for coordination.

The city government issued a building permit for the construction of three geothermal boreholes on the property of 8 Vaikne st.

The city government appointed Kadi Tuul, a planning specialist, to the staff of the committee formed to carry out the operations related to the simple procurement procedure "Administrative project management and owner supervision of the construction of the Keila singing field and the outdoor space in its immediate vicinity" and excluded Marju Kaivapalu from the committee due to the termination of the employment relationship.

The city government referred two citizens of the city of Keila to the social transport service from October 3, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The service is provided to both individuals by the cooperative ANDU REISID.

Today, the Youth Center celebrated its 20th birthday party with the people and cooperation partners who were at the birth of the center. We watched a performance, played games, congratulated and thanked each other, listened to music and ate cake. PICTURES

Riigikogu members Timo Suslov and Mart Võrklaev visited Keila. We visited ENSTO, Galmox, Keila Consumers' Association and Keila Social Center.

Friday, October 7:

Keila Leht welcomes you on the occasion of Teachers' Day. The front cover talks about the opening of Porikuu and the lantern walk. News about Harju Elektri's quarter of a century on the stock exchange, financing of the singing field, support person service for Ukrainians, new planning specialist, Lions charity project and big basketball. Keila Leht starts celebrating her 15th birthday with a series of stories from Hiiumaa. Palamets is full of medieval universities. The maker is Silja Toimla. Between Keila Lehe is Noorteleht.

The Mayor's reception on the occasion of Teachers' Day was held in Keila Cultural Centre. In addition to educational institutions, a youth center and a music school also participated, a total of 7 institutions. The mayor Enno Fels, the chairman of the culture committee Erki Fels and the deputy mayor welcomed Eike Käsi. Elerin Helmeste, Allan Randlepp, Inga Kangur, Kaspar Koitjärv, Triinu Raissar, Ragne Tali, Irma Erendi, Larissa Kanger, Ülle Välk, Tiia Peenmaa, Nadezda Vavilova, Julia Guljajeva, Tatjana Parinova, Karoline Säde and Raili Haugas received letters of thanks from Keila School, who is also a nominee of Harjumaa Teacher of the Year 2022. Merike Oldekop (30 years in Vikerkaar), Mare Sooans (30 years in Vikerkaar), Piret Erikson, Malle Alter, Juunika Teesalu, Urve Jõemaa, Anu Kruus, Renta Müürsepp, Merle Künnapas, Liivi Palmiste and Sigrid Musten from Kindergarten Rukkilill received a letter of thanks from the kindergarten Vikerkaar. Lii Kiiler, Anna-Liisa Tamm, Terje Tondorf and Ellen Nugis, Mikil Eve Jõerand from Kindergarten, Vaike Blumkvist, Riina Raag-Kahn and Hele Tromp, Erika Uus from Keila Music School, Kairi Vavilov, Pille Metsson, Mart Aus, Pille Parm and Marika Pabbo, Läte Kairit Altmäe, Irina Kalviste and Epp Orgse from the Waldorf School and Geter Ehrenpreis and Lisett Liiv from the Youth Center. Lauri Liiv and Olav Ehala performed at the surprise concert. PICTURES

A gynecologist meets in the building of Keila Hospital. Dr. Ebe Kaik and Kristina Kuhi will accept.

A festive celebration of the completion of the development of Keila Kodu apartment buildings and a customer day took place. With the four three-story buildings built between Tuula road and the railway, 52 new apartments with two to four rooms were added to Keila. Some houses have already been moved into. On this occasion, the city presented Everaus Kinnisvara with a larch sapling.

Keila KK hosted Pärnu Sadama, who won the league in the spring, in their first home game in the Paf Estonian-Latvian joint league. Delfi broadcasted the game: "Pärnu won the opening quarter of the game 26:20, and at halftime the guests were ahead 49:44. However, the third period belonged to Keila 27:18, and the decisive quarter was led by the home team 71:67. Eight minutes before the end, Keila led with nine points (78:69), but Pärnu reached a tie with 88:88 in the next six minutes. In the nervous final moments, the fate of the game was decided by Mihkel Kirves' hitting two-pointer, which made the score 92:90. The home team had 29 seconds left to save the game, but Marcis Vitols missed a long shot at the end." Matej Radunic scored 19 points and grabbed nine boards, Kristen Kasemets added 18, Kaido Saks and Sten Saaremäel 13 points. PICTURES ja PICTURES

In the hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater, the Endowment Fund for Sound Arts of the Cultural Foundation presented this year's recognition awards to the best music teachers in Estonia. Among others, Valdo Rüütelmaa, the conductor of the Keila City Orchestra, received the appreciation award of the sound arts endowment for his work as a wind instrument teacher at Lääne-Harju Music and Arts School and Tabasalu Music and Arts School.

Saturday, October 8:

From 12:17 p.m. to 2022:12.00 p.m. at Keila Culture Center, literature day "KEILA BOOK 13.00". Present writers: 14.00 Maarja Vaino; 15.00 Karl-Martin Sinijärv; 16.00 Mait Vaik; 17.00 Arne Hiob; 19 Hanno Ojalo; 5 Heiki Vilep. The meeting with the writers is free. There will be book sales throughout the day! At XNUMX:XNUMX a concert by the Association of Small Wind Instruments. Ticket XNUMX euros. PICTURES

On October 8 and 9, a CX event - BikeFanatics Keila CX - will be held at the Keila Health Tracks. This year, next to our Young and Talented (Kids 8-16) and Youthful and Talented (Senior 1-5), world-class cross-country riders will be at the start, as Keila CX is part of the official UCI race calendar and valuable rating points are awarded here. We roll the bikes across the starting line at the Keila Terviseradas (Ehitajate tee 13, Keila, Harjumaa). The competition takes place on a varied 2,5-kilometer circuit, which is well-viewed by spectators. Amps cafe is open with a rich selection, music is played by a DJ. BikeFanatics Bike Shop is offering a raffle prize. After the awards ceremony at the end of the competition day, we drew two awesome prizes among the competitors and spectators. We will share more information soon! So mark 8/9.10 and XNUMX/XNUMX in your calendar, come ride and enjoy and bring your family and friends. More information on BikeFanatics and KeilaCX Instagram @bikefanaticsshop @koiducx and on the competition website cxestonia.eu. PICTURES

Sunday, October 9:

At 16 p.m. in Keila Miikael Church, the Rosary Secrets concert. Performers are Leena Laas - baroque violin, Ines Maidre - organ and Kristjan Kannukene - messenger. Outline: I Luke chapter I, verses 26-38; Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Georg Muffat, HIF Biber.

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