4th week in 2023

Monday, January 23:

The schedule of Elron trains in the Western direction will change significantly, where there will be about a quarter more departures than today. Unfortunately, this means that the level crossing in the town of Keila will be closed more frequently, and the southern bypass of Keila will become more and more essential. We have already seen the sketch project, the city government is working to ensure that the state orders real construction works as soon as possible.

In the staircase gallery of the city government, a new Maker exhibition is on display - a selection of photos from the "Maker" section of the Keila newspaper published in 2022. The author of the pictures is Valdur Vacht, the selection was helped by photographer Raivo Tiikmaa, formatted by Tarmo Rämmi / OÜ Digifoto. PICTURES

Mickey's kindergarten celebrated the year of the rabbit.

Tuesday, January 24:

The Culture Committee of the City Council decided to make a proposal to the Keila City Council to award the Keila City Culture Award in 2023 to Peep Pahvi and Üllar Kerde for their coaching work, which resulted in Keila's representative team reaching the basketball championship.

The public presentation of the draft solution of the Tallinn road was held in the City Hall. The preparation of the project is still in the early stages, a traffic study has been carried out. At this stage, first of all, the input of the residents of the region was expected, as to what they hope to see the Tallinn highway in the future.

Keila School has had a student exchange from the Dutch Nieuwegein Calls College since last Thursday - 23 students and teachers Cisca Korver-Kraaij and Isabelle van Gestel.  PICTURES. Today, on the eve of departure, the guests met with the mayor Enno Fels, Keila School director Martin Öövel and representatives of the Royal Dutch Embassy. Due to the flight delay, the guests arrived in Keila on Thursday evening. Friday is Tartu day, when we visited ERM and looked at the city. At the weekend, the families of the recipients had to be furnished, on Monday in Tallinn, today in Keila and departure tomorrow, early morning of January 25th. Our young people will go on a return visit in April. Keila School's activity coordinators were teachers Teele Jurtom and Kaspar Koitjärv.

At the open championships of the Nõmme Athletics Club in the women's 600 m run, Karmel Jano once again took second place with a new personal record result.

On 24.01, the Harjumaa interschool championships in volleyball took place in Kiili, where the Keila School volleyball boys and girls achieved a good fourth place. The sub-group games were completed with victories, in the semi-finals the boys narrowly lost to Viimsi Gymnasium and the girls to Kiili Gymnasium. Exciting battles were also the bronze games, where the boys lost to Saue National High School and the girls to Viimsi High School after a competitive game. The Keila School team included: boys: Marvin Kalju 12y, Laur Maide 11y, Jacob Jäetma 12y, Marten Saaremets 10y, Aleksander Babtsenko 10y, Renee Ert 12y, Kristofer Kerno 11y, Risto Sepp 12y and girls Marie Helene Eensalu 11y, Miina Vanem 12y, Elizaveta Vanitseva 11h, Maria Tammeaid 12e, Katriin Laipaik 11h, Meribel Väli 12g, Berit Israel 12g, Kerttu Leibenau 12e. The students of Keila School showed heart, fighting spirit and teamwork, as a teacher I am proud that such students study in our school. The teams were supervised by teacher Tauno Hausenberg.

Today, it was a nice different morning in the Rukkilill kindergarten in our Ants group. As part of the book project, Harju County Library's Kersti Salf went to read the children's book "Onn on rebane" by the Lithuanian writer. Before that, each child folded their own fox. The children understood what was read well and were able to discuss the topic of happiness. You still need to fill in the activity book and solve the crossword puzzle.

Keila Noortekeskus: Keila youth self-initiative competition has started🤩. More information: https://www.keilanoortekeskus.ee/omaalgatused/ . The amount of support is up to 500 euros per project, while up to 50% of the budget can be spent on funds. In the case of larger ideas, it is possible to receive support in a larger volume, but for this, the project coordinator must be consulted in advance: Geter Ehrenpreis (geter@keilanoortekeskus.ee). The priority idea of ​​the second round of applications is the involvement of Ukrainian youth. The subsidy rate for inclusion projects is 1000 euros.

The play Anne Paluver still 27, written by Toomas Kalli and directed by Hendrik Normann, is performed by Komöödiateatr in the Culture Centre.

Representatives of the Harjumaa Museum were at the meeting of the network of museum marketers of the Estonian Museum Card in ERM.

In Tartu, a recognition event in the field of youth "Thanks to the Youth" was held. In the youth worker of the year category, one of the nominees is Geter Ehrenpreis, and the nominee of the youth center of the year is Keila Noortekeskus. The award did not come to Keila.

Wednesday, January 25:

ERR: Urmi Pärn, mother of Keila SOS Children's Village, received a gold ring with the coat of arms of Hermann Gmeiner Academy's SOS Children's Village. On March 31, Signe and Ivar will have their last day of work at the children's village, then they will have a well-deserved retirement and dedication to their grandchildren. Mare Kangur, who has been the head of the Keila SOS Children's Village for 29 years, received the Golden Order of Life Award!

New city maps have been added to the entrances to the city of Keila. In design, the Design Department. In the same style, cards also come at bus stops.

Celebrating School Brush Day in Keila School's Park House. Keila Music School's accordion students Henri Loog, Rivo Pert, Freddie William Laido, Sandra Tamm, Risto Pert, Gabriela Ehalill Skalkina performed pieces of music for the students of the park house. The concert created uplifting emotional experiences in the listeners. We thank the supervisors Erika Uus and Pille Metsson.

Thursday, January 26:

The 72th session of Keila City Government on January 26, 2023.

The city government agreed to change the period of annual leave for Harjumaa Museum employees, as a result of which the annual leave for Harjumaa Museum employees will be 2023 calendar days from 35. The head of the Harjumaa Museum has submitted an application to extend the period of annual leave of the employees of the Harjumaa Museum, establishing 28 calendar days instead of the current 35 calendar days. Change is necessary to increase employee motivation. More vacation days would compensate for a lower salary and help to be a more competitive employer in your field.

The city government approved a draft of the design conditions for the Ohtu tee 8 auxiliary building for public disclosure and asking for the opinions of neighboring property owners. The design conditions are necessary because the plot does not have a valid detailed plan.

The city government issued a building permit for the construction of a district heating pipeline on properties 26, 1 and 3 in Paldiski mnt 5a, Piiri tänav, Piiri tn. The consent of the landowner is necessary for construction, which means formalizing the use of the land through the establishment of a personal right of use or forced possession.

The city government issued a use permit for the construction of a detached house on the property at Tervis tn 30.

The city government encumbered a part of the Piiri street property owned by the city of Keila with a personal right of use in favor of AS Utilitas Eesti in order to have a district heating network permanently connected to the plot of land on the property and to carry out all the work necessary for the construction of the district heating network and the use, reconstruction, repair, maintenance, replacement, maintenance and other means of the district heating network for operation in order to ensure the operation of the technical facility.

The city government established a detailed plan for Tuula tee 14, with which the construction of one two-story small house is planned and the land use conditions, scope of building rights, alleys, restrictions and servitude needs, as well as the principles of landscaping, landscaping, parking and traffic management, as well as set environmental conditions for the implementation of the plan, are set for the plot. The drafting of the DP was necessary to change the valid detailed plan, as the landowner who ordered the detailed plan wants to build a small house, which is not provided for in the valid detailed plan, and in this connection to determine the building area and construction conditions. The area is subject to the previous detailed plan of the land between Tuula tee, Teadus street and Teadus tn 2, which provided for the preservation of the Tuula tee 14 property as green space.

The city government wrote off the Peugeot Boxer disabled bus of the Keila Social Center in connection with the purchase of a new vehicle, and the part of the Haapsalu mnt section between Keskväljak and Jaama tn that was before the renovation, and assets with a purchase price of less than 10 euros were written off the balance sheet. Assets that can be used are included in the low-value economic inventory.

From 1.02.2023 February XNUMX, the city government established a price list of the service components provided by the Keila Social Center within the project "Implementation of the person-centered special care service model in the local government".

The city government decided to pay 600 euros of emergency social support from the city budget.

On the extension of the Tallinn road next to the new Vesiveski bridge, there is no longer the old pedestrian bridge, today the structure of the old bridge was disconnected.

A few weeks ago, there was an incident when the school lockers in Keila School's Pargimaja did not open during a longer (2,5h) power outage. This issue is now resolved. Batteries are installed in the locker modules of the Pargi- and Loodemaja wardrobes, which allow you to open the lockers with a student ticket if the electricity goes out. The batteries last at least a whole working day (8 hours). The network equipment of the communication room on the basement floor of the park building is connected to the UPS, which allows the cabinets to be opened from a distance. This is if the student does not have a student ticket with him that day. The batteries were not installed when the wardrobes were built due to structural misunderstandings.

Estonian Music Awards 2023: The Music Video of the Year is nublu's "Kastehein", directed by Johannes Veski.

Members of the Maritime Guard and Patrol Group of the Police and Border Guard Board introduced ice prevention and safety to the children of the park building. The training included: 1. Introduction to the dangers on the ice. 2. Acting in the event of an accident or danger. 3. Ice rescue techniques. 4. Introduction of ice rescue tools. 5. Acquaintance with vehicles used in rescue work (rescue jet or ice rescue boat). 6. General water safety requirements (also in summer).

The people involved in the youth field of Lääne-Harju municipality visited the youth center

On January 29, Keila Lasteaed Vikerkaar will be 38 years old. On this occasion, the younger groups of Vikerkaare House started the birthday celebrations. The birthday party took place in the kindergarten hall, where the doll Liisi's birthday was celebrated. Led by music teacher Aune and movement teacher Sirje, they danced different dances together and sang a birthday song to the doll and also to the kindergarten. At the end of the party, kindergarten director Kaia gave the book "Stars were often made" to all groups.

Today, the premiere of the play "Hips, Hops and Hugo's Adventures" written by teacher Sirje took place in the Jaaniusside group of Keila Rukkillille kindergarten. As a matter of fact, the theater director even asked to turn the cell phones on silent. The director-dramaturg - teacher Sirje, the artist-decorator - Anne, the decorations were prepared as a joint work of Virve and Anne, Evely Go helped with the materials. The children watched with interest, confidently answered questions, sang along and clapped. A very nice show, the actors are all friendly and helpful.

XIII Harjumaa Youth Dance Party I pre-rehearsal at Viimsi School - dance groups from Keila School participated.

Friday, January 27:

Keila Lehes: on the front cover about the digitization of museum heritage. In the news about the elections, the people of the year of the civil society, the Tallinn highway, the open days of the Waldorf school Läte, judo, public shelters, Estonian literature day and how to behave in case of being cheated. The museum warehouse continues with the presentation of sports life in Keila from 1922 to 1940. The maker is Juhan Paadam. Information on ordering advertising from Keila Leh can be found here: https://keila.ee/keila-leht/

Ensto Ensek and Glamox support Keila's school with innovative physics test kits. Today, Ensto Keila factory manager Kaarel Suuk and Glamox Keila factory manager Virve Jõgeva handed over sets of practical tools to Keila School director Martin Öövel and teachers Ermo Soobik and Martin Jürise while they were at the 9E class. PICTURES

Keila's sister city Birstonas was awarded the Lithuanian Tourism Oscar, the mayor of Birstonas, Nijolė Dirginčienė, announced. Birstonas - the most successful tourist attraction in 2022!

The cultural center had a donor day.

On Friday, January 27, the BK Ventspils team from Latvia will visit the representative team of Keila KK. Previously, we have already played with the Latvians in their home hall, and then the score was 93:86 in favor of Ventspils.

Mixed choir CHOIR birthday concert "S like Saar and Sisask" at the music school, conductor Raul Talmar, texts read by Jaan Tammsalu. The program includes choral songs from the early period of Mart Saare's work and parts of Urmas Sisaski's last remaining choral cycle "Gloria Patri 2" to texts by Jaan Tammsalu. Admission by voluntary donation, plan 2 euros.

Until January 27, the Harju County Library had a very interesting exhibition of the National Library: Nature's Walk and Power. Man and nature in the original Estonian school textbook.

Keila School's dance groups went to the Kose Culture Center for the XNUMXst preliminary rehearsal of the XIII Harjumaa Youth Dance Party.

Pargimaja held a Primary Party for 1st graders.

Keila KK - BK Ventspils: three quarters of an even game. End 75:86 for the guests. PICTURES

Saturday, January 28:

Ado Köögardal's diary 1946 and 1947" presentation in Harjumaa Museum. PICTURES . As the fourth volume, the diaries of 1946 and 1947, both of which have only been preserved in half, are now published between the same covers. The records for 1946 break on September 9, and those for 1947 begin on May 14. The intermediate bows have probably been destroyed by the writer himself at some point as a precaution. We can only guess the reasons afterwards. The presentation of "Ado Köögardal's diary 1946 and 1947" was largely a preview of the next possible publications. Anu Saluäär – Kall, the grandson of Ado Köögardal, the long-time Keila church minister, who rewrote the manuscript of the diaries, handed over the manuscripts of the next possible book to Gea Mossin, the director of the Harjumaa Museum, to the book publisher, the diaries from 1940 and 1948. The bound but torn out diaries from 1934-1938 were edited by Ado Köögardal. great-grandson Ulla Kadakas in his own hand to the archive of the museum. In Ado Köögarda, Keila Miikaeli was a parish teacher from 1921 to 1957. Throughout this period, he kept a diary, most of which the family had secretly kept throughout the Soviet era. You can read the diaries from 1924-1930 on the website of the Harjumaa Museum. "Köögardal 2019" was published as a book by Harjumaa Museum in autumn 1944, "Köögardal 2020" in autumn 1945 and "Ado Köögardal's diary 2022" in early 1949. In December 2022, the fourth book, or the years 1946/47, was published. The books give a very true account of the difficult times in Keila and should be on the home shelf of every person who considers himself a Keila fan. Books can be purchased from the Harjumaa Museum.

In Keila Motohall, a moto trial competition was held, where children and older players competed. Foreign competitors from Latvia and Finland are also present. More information about the event with the start list https://results.trial.ee

Anna Helene Rauk took 6nd place in the women's 2km absolute glass in the Harjumaa MV cross-country skiing held at Kõrvemaa Matka-ja Suusakeskus.

Sunday, January 29:

In the Keila Health Center hall, the III zone tournament of the EVF cup competitions in Võrkpalli and the duck competition in the swimming pool, from 10:00 a.m. to 15:00 p.m. the swimming pool is closed to regular customers!

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