The Keila City Government is conducting an idea competition in cooperation with the Estonian Landscape Architects Union "Keila riverside promenade idea competition" hank reference number 265768.

The concept plan (bring it to Keila City Hall Keskväljak 11, Keila) together with the procurement passport (electronically in the e-environment of the public procurement register) must be submitted no later than 01.12.2023 at 12.00:XNUMX a.m

You can get information about public procurements carried out by the town of Keila in the Public Procurement Register at: STATE PROCUREMENT REGISTER, by entering the word "Keila Town” or perform a search in the document register of the Keila Town Government.

The procurement procedure of the city of Keila is available in the state notices

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Keila City Government
Keskväljak 11,
Keila 76608, Estonia

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