There are three kindergartens in the city of Keila, one of which is a private kindergarten.

The child can be placed in the kindergarten queue in the educational services management system of the city of Keila  ARNO.
Read more about the application and conditions for a kindergarten place Keila Kindergartens from the page.  

Allowance for a child at home is paid to one parent from the child's 1,5-year-old to 3-year-old, provided that the child has not been offered a kindergarten place in the city of Keila and the child does not use a place in a preschool or private childcare. The residence of the child and at least one parent according to the population register is in the city of Keila as of January 1 of the year of payment of the allowance and during the entire period of payment of the allowance. A request can be submitted APPLICATIONS through the link on the page.

Check out Keila as well with educational and social legislation

Billing information through can be found HERE.

Eliis and Arno applications are used in kindergartens.

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Keila City Government
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