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Keila is a small town with 10000 inhabitants in Northern Estonia, located 25 km west of the capital Tallinn. The area of ​​the city is 11,25 km2, half of which is densely populated. The other side is covered with forests, natural meadows and swamps. The eastern border of Keila runs along the Keila River, which flows into the Gulf of Finland in the Keila-Joa area. Roads and railways lead to Paldiski and Western Estonia (Haapsalu) pass through Keila, the city is the center of Western Harju County. The well-developed business offers a lot of jobs not only to Keila, but also to the residents of the surrounding municipalities and Tallinn. All major industrial areas are located on the outskirts of the city.

The environment and lifestyles in Keila are divided in two by a railway line. To the south "over the railway" are private houses with gardens, while to the north, multi-storey buildings have been built.

Larger parks (Keskpark, Jõepark, Männik), green areas and nice pine forests in the western part make Keila a green, people-friendly town.

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In 2022, the idea selected within the inclusive budget became a reality KEILA TV.

The mayor Enno Fels

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Town Management

Keila has a mayor and three deputy mayors.

29 sept.

ensemble VaReS

13: 00 - 14:30
Keila Social Center
29 sept.

Parish days: Taize prayer

19: 00 - 21:00
Keila Miikael Church
30 sept.

Parish Days: Blessing of the Church Roof

15: 00 - 16:00
Keila Miikael Church

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Keila City Government
Keskväljak 11,
Keila 76608, Estonia

Working hours:

Mon, Wed, Thu: 8.00 -16.30
Tue: 8.00 - 18.30
Fri: 8.00 - 14.00

Phone: 6790700
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