The 91st session of Keila City Government on June 1, 2023

The Keila City Government accepted the detailed plan of the Paldiski mnt 33 property and the surrounding area for publication. The size of the planning area is approximately 2,8 ha, located in the northwestern part of the city of Keila next to the production and business area of ​​Harju KEK, right next to the Tallinn-Paldiski highway and Geoloogide street. The planned Paldiski mnt 33 property is built up, the center building, repair hall and salt warehouse are located there. The area between the buildings is mostly asphalted for roads and squares. In the plan, building rights are granted to the property in Paldiski mnt 33 for the construction of production buildings and commercial buildings. It is allowed to build a fence on the border of the plot. On the plot, it is recommended to maintain high greenery in the existing green areas. It is allowed to build a maximum of three commercial or production buildings within the development area, which are 1 to 3 stories high and have a maximum height of 12 m. The maximum built-up area of ​​the buildings permitted on the plot is 10 m². The location of buildings within built-up areas is free. The planned new building must have a modern architectural solution. A public exhibition of the sketch of the detailed plan has been organized from 870 - 21.02 and two public discussions: 07.03.2022 and 08.03.2022. During the public exhibition, 6.12.2022 written opinions were submitted. Based on the opinions, the planning solution was changed, the changed solution was made public, and then a new public discussion was organized. There were no participants in the second public hearing. The person interested in the planning is AS Harju Elekter and the detailed plan is prepared by OÜ Entec. The public exhibition is planned for June 2-16.

The city government set the design conditions for the construction of a residential building on the Haapsalu road 22 property. One residential building up to 9 meters high can be designed on the plot with the main volume in the part of the plot on the Haapsalu road side. The construction area is at least 4 m from the Haapsalu road lot and 4 m from the border of Haapsalu road 20 lot. When applying visually modest fire safety measures, the built-up area of ​​a residential building can be planned up to 2 m away from the border of the plot on Haapsalu mnt 22a. In addition, up to two residential auxiliary buildings can be built, while the total built-up area must not exceed 30 percent of the plot area, on this plot 256 m2.

The city government decided to organize the public procurement open tender procedure "Paldiski mnt rehabilitation repair and traffic light installation" as an e-procedure and formed a procurement committee to conduct the procurement, headed by deputy mayor Inge Angerjas.

The city government set a forced possession in favor of Telia Eesti AS on a part of the immovable property at Ehitajate tee 3 for the purpose of owning, managing, repairing, replacing, maintaining, maintaining, commissioning and otherwise using communication facilities for the purpose of ensuring the functioning of the communication network.

The city government changed its 19.01.2023. a order no. 2-2/25 "Establishment of personal usufructuary right to properties owned by the city of Keila in favor of AS Utilitas Eesti and granting authorization to enter into a property rights agreement" regarding the location of the usufructuary right. During the construction of the district heating network, the location of the district heating network partially changed based on the technical solution and expediency.

The city government issued a use permit for the construction of an apartment building on the property at Põhja tn 12b.

The city government issued a building permit for the construction of a shopping center at Harju tn 2 and for the construction of facilities serving the shopping center at Harju tänav, Paldiski maantee, Vasara tänav. A grocery store, various shops, eateries, cinema, fitness and spa center, children's area and playrooms and various services are planned for the two-story center. Three floors of accommodation are planned for the northern corner of the center. The architectural solution of the center is built as a two-story volume with a passing inner street, in the northern part of which there is a higher, up to 6-story volume with accommodation. The common areas of the center allow access from three different directions. Mainly areas related to entertainment have been moved to the second floor, e.g. cinema, cafes, fitness sports club and games area. The floors are connected by escalators, public staircases and elevators. The 2nd floor of the center is divided into terraces, which are either for public use or for the use of tenants. In the facade solution, the different volumes of the building are harmonized with a painted drawn net, which has different functions - covering, concealing, limiting, sun protection, advertising stand, etc. A beige-gold metallic painted drawn aluminum net has been used, on a metal structure.

The city government issued a building permit for the construction of a footpath on Paldiski maantee, Paldiski mnt 36, Vasara street T1 and Vasara cross 1.

The city government issued a building permit for the construction of a district heating pipeline in the city of Keila on the properties of Niidu street 3, 7, Posti street 14, Põhja street 10a, Põhja street T2, Põhjakaare street 2 and Põhjakaare street.

The city government decided to give letters of thanks to the city of Keila and pay out financial rewards as support to high school graduates with gold and silver medals in 2023. Mari Meigas, Mia Virunurm and Kerttu Leibenau, who graduate with a gold medal from Keila School, will be recognized by the city of Keila. Grete Sakteos (Gustav Adolfi Gymnasium), Karina Kongo (Saue State Gymnasium), Kerttu Lepik (Tallinn Art Gymnasium) who graduated from high school with a gold medal also received recognition. Keila School graduates Liisa-Lotte Hein, Anne-Mari Kohava, Maria Tammeaid, Helis Laasma, Mia Riin Kadastik and Liisa Alavere from Miina Härma Gymnasium and Lisette Loos from Paldiski General Gymnasium will graduate with a silver medal and receive recognition from the city. The awards will be presented at the Keila mayor's reception on June 6.

The city government decided to pay additional social benefits of 400 euros and to parents of one child an allowance for a child at home.

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