Inclusive budget referendum

The city government confirmed the ranking of the proposals determined as a result of the 2023 inclusive budget referendum, according to which the winner was the proposal to build a playground/adventure park in the area between Tuula road and the left branch of the Keila river, which received the most - 92 votes. The idea of ​​a mobile community sauna received 37 votes and the construction of a pump track received 29 votes, others less.


You could vote for the attractive proposal from January 12 to January 31, 2023.

There are 2023 proposals on the vote for the 10 inclusive budget of the city of Keila.

By the deadline, October 25, 26 proposals were received, from which the committee selected ten proposals by combining repeated or similar ideas. Ideas for which the 2023 euros planned in the 20 budget of the city of Keila are not enough for implementation, are planned to be implemented through another project or have already received funding in previous years were left out.

Voting will take place electronically from 12 to 31. until January 2023 through the page. For this, it is necessary to log in to the system using an ID card or Mobile ID. It is also possible to vote in the Keila municipality during opening hours.

All residents of the city of Keila who are at least 16 years old as of the date of the announcement of the vote can participate in the vote. Each city resident participating in the vote can vote for one proposal.

Proposals for an inclusive budget:

  1. Building a dog walking and training ground in Lõuna Keila.
  2. Building an outdoor gym in South Keila for recreational athletes.
  3. Construction of a children's playground in Mudaaugu area.
  4. Pumptrack establishment. Stunt bikes and bikes are very popular among young people - Pumptrack gives you the opportunity to spend more time outdoors and do sports. Pumptrack is suitable for children and young people of all ages.
  5. Bicycle racks near the Central Park and its immediate surroundings (to connect cycling and public transport, bicycle racks are also installed near bus stops.)
  6. Bicycle parking lots at Keila School and Keila Health Centre.
  7. Construction of a playground/adventure park for small children and young people in the area between Tuula road and the left branch of the Keila river (Jõepargi area), which gives families the opportunity to spend time with their children.
  8. The sign system "From park to park", which connects the health trails from Jõepark by the Harjumaa Museum to the Keila Health Trails. The idea of ​​the person presenting the idea is to connect Keila parks, which are already lit and have good coverage. It encourages people to be more active outdoors and take care of their health.
  9. A mobile community sauna, which would be located mainly on the beach behind the Harjumaa Museum, so that those who want to can comfortably go to the sauna after swimming, exercising, or just warming up with friends. The sauna would be managed and maintained by the volunteers of Keila Ringmajandus MTÜ.
  10. Adding wheelchair-friendly playground attractions to the Keila playground.

Contact person: Maret Lepiksaar, phone 679 0700,


Proposals for the 2023 inclusive budget could be submitted until October 25, 2022.

When making an inclusive budget proposal, the following conditions must be taken into account:
The object to be implemented as a result of the proposal submitted during the preparation of the inclusive budget must:
1. be feasible/be completed within the budget year;
2. be an event related to the city of Keila or another idea related to the city;
3. to be located in the city of Keila; 
4. be owned by the city of Keila after completion;
5. to provide a public good;
6. be publicly available;
7. not to cause unreasonable costs to the budgets of the city in the following years.

Implemented ideas:

  • Keila TV documentaries (2022)
  • Low adventure trail in Keila Terviseradadel (2021)
  • Drinking screens in urban space (2020)
  • Natural playground at the Keila elementary school building (2019)
  • Swings at the Harjumaa Museum (idea 2018, implementation 2020)
  • Outdoor gym Keila Terviseradadel (2018)

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