An emergency is an event or a chain of events or an interruption of a vital service that threatens the life or health of many people, causes major property damage, major environmental damage, or serious and extensive disturbances in the operation of a vital service, and for the solution of which it is necessary to implement the quick coordinated action of several agencies or the persons involved a different management arrangement than usual and to involve significantly more people and resources than usual.

The task of the city of Keila is to ensure that the water supply, sewerage and district heating work and that it is possible to use local roads. In addition, people are supported through various social services.
Best practices for emergency response you can find HERE.
Power failure - instructions on how to be prepared for a power outage and how to act in the event of a power outage.

Civil protection is a system of measures aimed at protecting people in emergency situations and all kinds of crises.
Population protection is based on the ability of the population to protect themselves and, if necessary, help each other until help arrives.

The main task of population protection is to create opportunities for people to increase their ability to cope in different crisis situations and to develop social protection measures corresponding to threats to protect the population, which reduce the effects of crises on people. Population protection includes the protection of the population in any crisis situation with national impact.
Your and your family's survival in an emergency depends primarily on you. The best way to protect yourself and your family is to prepare for potential threats. Do not rely solely on the state or municipality. Be aware of what may be at risk to you, how it affects your daily life, educate family members, work with your neighbors and community.
In the city of Keila, crisis management is handled by the crisis committee. 

Evacuation locations in the city of Keila: 
1. Health center, Paldiski mnt 17, Keila
2. Youth Center, Mäe 7, Keila
3. Keila Hospital, Pargi 30, Keila. 

Official public shelters:
1. Central square 11 basement 
2. Paldiski mnt 17, basement of Terviskeskus

Ole valmis!

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to prepare for crisis situations.

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