41st week 2022

Monday, October 10:

AS Eesti Raudtee and Keila Linn were able to celebrate an important event in the railway history of Keila city today - with a festive thanksgiving event and historical photos from the Harjumaa Museum fund, the Tuula road tunnel was completed. It is the first railway tunnel for light traffic in Keila, which contributes to improving railway safety for local residents. Assistant mayor Inge Angerjas, mayor Enno Fels, council chairman Tanel Mõðus and AS Eesti Raudtee chairman Kaido Zimmermann spoke to those present. Those who did the work were thanked. Soup and tunnel cake were offered. The new railway bridge has also been completed, the weight tests have already been done. The work is expected to be completed in Keila by the end of October and a new, busier timetable will be launched from December. "Such cooperation projects with local governments are very important in terms of improving railway safety. Special level crossings are undoubtedly the safest for pedestrians and cyclists, especially in a situation where train speeds will increase in the future," commented Kaido Zimmermann, Chairman of the Board of AS Eesti Raudtee. Previously, there were four level crossings in the city of Keila, after the construction of the Tuula tunnel there are only three. "The construction of the railway tunnel is a good example of cooperation with the Estonian Railways, during which we were able to make an important traffic junction safer," said Keila Mayor Enno Fels. The cost of the Tuula tunnel was almost half a million euros, of which the Estonian Railways and Keila City Council paid each half. The tunnel was built by Lääne Teed OÜ based on the contract. PICTURES

This week, the planting of young trees will continue in the area between Tuula road and the left branch of the Keila river. Puauabi plants 30 young trees. The trees are 4-6 meters high, with a selection of larches and black alders suitable for wet areas. 

The bread week continues in the Harjumaa Museum.

Keila Youth Center Eesti achieved the second result in the project competition for Youth for the Good 2022 organized by the Education and Youth Board and received funding for the "Oma elu Designer" project. The general goal of the project is to develop a 5-month program supporting and developing girls' entrepreneurship in cooperation with Harjumaa Entrepreneurship and Development Center and cooperation partners.

Tuesday, October 11:

"Traffic minutes" for 1st graders took place in Keila School's Park House. The police visited the village and talked about security and traffic. They also got acquainted with police work and equipment.

Registration for the asbestos collection round is closed. 36 registrants. The asbestos collection raid is carried out by Keskkonnateenset AS. Information will be sent to everyone who registered by email or phone call. Collection trips will take place on October 11-12.

Wednesday, October 12:

At the event organized by the Keila Lions Club in the Keila Culture Center, Elina Nechayeva, Ann Meeta Teppo on the violin and Auli Teppo on the piano, who were on the Keila stage for the first time, gave an amazing performance. A charity concert "Music does good" was held, with which the lions collect money to support the purchase of a violin for Ann Meeta Teppole. Today, Ann Meeta played on her new, almost 300-year-old instrument. PICTURES

Mayor Enno Fels visited the start-up company Auve Tech to find out whether and under what conditions the self-driving car developed by the company could also be put into operation in Keila. The meeting was attended by, from the left, Deivis Sepp, head of operations of Auve Tech, mayor Enno Fels and CEO of Auve Tech Johannes Mossov.

Introducing the ClassAct program in the hall of the city government, members of the support team of Keila school and officials of the city government, i.e. the cooperation network, participated. The presenters are Martin Öövel and Kristiine Laanisto.

The presentation of the book "Endel and Kati" by Kirjastus Päike ja Pilv took place in the Harju County Library. Writer Kadri Kiho, artist Stella Salumaa, publishing representative Katrin Reinmaa and three groups of preschoolers from Keila Rukkillille's kindergarten had come.

The Keila Day 2023 meeting was held in the city administration. It was decided that the 85th anniversary of the naming of Keila as a city should be celebrated more proudly than usual. The event will probably take place on May 1. On this occasion Keila Päev will be held over two days, starting with a concert on Friday, May 26, and Keila Päev in full on Saturday, May 27. The plan is to invite guests from all twin cities.

On October 12, the preliminary round of the reading competition for 4th graders took place in the library of Keila School's park house. This year, the competition is titled "In one small book of Pervik" in honor of the children's writer Aino Pervik. Therefore, all participants had the opportunity to test themselves by reading the book written by Aino Pervik. A total of 14 students participated in the reading contest, which was judged by a 4-member jury consisting of Veljo Reinik, Ebelii Barndõk, Marge Asik and Marion Nordström. Excerpts from the books "Kunksmoor", "Arabella, daughter of a pirate", "Dear Mr. Q", "The Lizard and the Swamp" and "Paula and the Outdoor Children" were heard. The most we could hear were stories about the sacrilegious old lady, but the victory was won by the story of the mysterious gentleman in the sky vault. However, we are very happy to announce that our school will be represented by Grethel Kaares in the county round on Friday. We will definitely keep our fingers crossed for him. But the biggest thanks to all the participants, their supervisors and those who did the ungratefully hard work (jury). See you in the library!

Education and Culture Society of Latvia turned 15 years old!

In Vikerkaare Kindergarten there were "Days of Funny Competitions". For smaller children, slightly easier and for older children, of course, with more complex tricks. The children were encouraged by Sirje, a physical activity teacher dressed as a rabbit. Energetic adults in front - happy children behind.

This morning, an evacuation drill was held in both buildings of Vikerkaare Kindergarten. During lunch, the kindergarten staff gathered in the hall for evacuation training. Thank you to the fire safety specialist Priidik Roos of the safety company Safest OÜ for conducting the exercise and training. The children of the Moomin group went on a study trip to the Pääsküla depot today. The children got to know how trains work and now know how to behave safely. The children drew a book as a gift.

The Ants of Rukkilille Kindergarten went on a study tour in Tallinn today, to the "Medicinal Plants" workshop of Raeapteeg.

The guide of the town pharmacy conducted a tour where he introduced the history of the pharmacy. Then we moved to the basement hall, where a herbal workshop was conducted. In a playful way, well-known and lesser-known medicinal plants were introduced, learning about their appearance, smell and medicinal properties. Each child then made herbal tea for themselves, which they packed and could take home. Another wonderful undertaking and experience.

Keila Noortekeskus was Unicorn Squad - girls' technology circle.

October 15 is Tribal Day. As a national holiday, the tribe day is, on the one hand, a day of Estonia's unique national culture, and on the other hand, it is dedicated to the ties and cooperation between the Finno-Ugric peoples. On this occasion, Keila School will celebrate 10.-14. tribe week in October, during which Estonian language classes pay attention to our related peoples and languages: we look for information about them, listen to fairy tales in related languages, do creative tasks and much more to remember the tribal peoples. All students of the northern building participate as part of the Estonian language classes.

The first round of the Memory Game was held at Keila School. During the 3rd lesson, the 5th-6th grade on the topic "Domestic and transport animals" and during the 4th lesson, the 7th-9th grade on the topic "Nature and environmental technology".

Thursday, October 13:

The 55th session of the Keila City Government on October 13, 2022.

The city government submitted a draft to the Keila City Council for consideration regarding the amendment of Keila City Council's Regulation No. 26.02.2013 of 5 "The composition of the structure and positions of the Keila City Government (as an institution), the salary guide for employees and managers of the institutions managed by the Keila City Government". In order to improve the effectiveness of the activities of the city government, the position of communications manager and the position of internal auditor and the position of advisor have been added to the mayor's authority - the position of supervisory specialist was renamed, the job description and the position's subordination were changed. The position of project manager will be added to the composition of the Development, Culture and Youth Employment Service. The job of a specialist in the composition of the Economic, Construction and Environmental Service will be renamed the job of a public order specialist, and the job of a planning specialist will become a position. The position of guardianship specialist within the education and social service is changed to the position of guardianship and social work specialist, and the fixed-term position of coordinator and 2 fixed-term positions of support person have been added. The job of an accountant in the accounting service will be abolished, as there is no need for it. In total, there will be 25 positions and 17 jobs in the city administration. Also, the rates of the basic salary scale, which have not been changed since 2018, will be changed.

The city government recognized as successful the simple tender "Administrative project management and owner supervision of the construction of the outdoor space of the Keila song field and its immediate surroundings" Osaühing Ehitusagentur with a cost of 53 euros, plus VAT of 025%, as the second most economically advantageous offer in the preliminary evaluation from among the accepted offers, which will be taken into account when the offer is recognized as successful only the lowest price in euros without VAT.

The city government admitted that due to the lack of tenders that meet the requirements, in Keila Central Square opposite the bus stop on the Kuusepark side; The pre-negotiated bid for the land areas located on the Keskväljak 12 property, on the green area between the Keskultuurikeskus and Keskväljak 10 buildings across from the flag square and on the green area near the Jaama store on Jaama Square failed. As a result, the city government, in the decision-making procedure, in the fifth year from the signing of the lease agreement, used Prisma NET OÜ for the installation of advertising media for the display of campaign advertising at a rental price of 25 euros per piece of land for each advertising media base, i.e. 300 euros per year, which makes a total of 3 euros per month and 75 euros per year for 900 advertising media base pieces of land.

The city government issued a building permit for the construction of driveways and sidewalks on the properties of Pargi tn 4a, 30, Paldiski mnt 7 and Ehitajate tee 3. Asphalt-covered access roads from Pargi street, asphalt-covered and sieve-covered sidewalks, and driveways for traffic on the song square will be built.

In connection with the construction of a financed light traffic road along Luha Street, the city government set a forced possession in favor of Elektrilevi OÜ on part of the property at 11 and 13 Luha Street for the purpose of owning, managing, repairing, replacing, maintaining, maintaining, putting into use and otherwise using electrical facilities for the purpose of ensuring the operation of the electrical network.

In favor of Elektrilevi OÜ, a part of the real estate of Haapsalu road was also set up for the purpose of owning, managing, repairing, replacing, maintaining, maintaining, commissioning and otherwise using the ground cable and connection panel for the purpose of ensuring the operation of the electricity network.

The city government sent a draft for the city council to be processed in favor of the city of Keila regarding the establishment of indefinite forced possession of the apartment properties at Luha tn 11 and Luha 13 for the construction of a light traffic road.

The city government reviewed the draft to determine the design conditions for the expansion of the production building located on the Haapsalu mnt 57a property for approval. The applicant wants to expand the building by more than 33% of the initially planned volume by adding additional premises for a confectionary and culinary shop with an extension and partly the surfaces of the warehouses of Rõõmu Kaubamaja. The area under the canopy is covered between the existing building and the part to be built.

The city government appointed Katri Reimann, Keila Lasteaed in Mikis, and Maris Mäger, Keila Lasteaed in Vikerkaare, as representatives of the Keila city government to the boards of trustees of the kindergartens. At the same time, the composition of the board of trustees of both kindergartens was confirmed for the 2022 / 2023 school year.

The board of trustees of Keila Lastead Miki includes the parents' representatives: Sandra Villmäe - Karikakrad, Karoliina Vaher - Cat's paws, Viktoria Sakerman-Jaksina - Pig eyes, Kaia Vainola - Mind heads, Kairit Jaanverk - Bear bells, Liina Kõiv – Blue flowers, Andres Parve – Nurmenukus, Karin Põldma – Kullerkupud, Maarja Maltsaar – Danililles, Teachers' representative: Tiia Laidinen and Keila city government representative: Katri Reimann.

Keila Lasteaed Vikerkaar board of trustees 2022/2023. for the academic year: Parents' representatives: Mari Reier from Vikerkaare maja - Sun pearls, Kristjan Park - Pöial-Liisi, Birgit Tamme - Stars, Helen Kaljuste - Swans, Silvia Laiv Mumma - Arabella, Kristo Künnapas - Swallow's Nest, Eleri Välli - Nublu, Maia Prunt - Mermaid, Tiiu Kuura – Naksitralli-Rõmupallid, Riina Makarova – Moomin, Anu Holst – Cinderella, Piret Saft – Lotte, Triin Pukk – Moonbeams, Viktoria Nigul – Murumanad; Sandra Tali from Sipsik House - Sipsik, Getrin Halling-Sula - Naksitralli, Eron Adoberg - Krøll, Anastasia Mitrofanova - Lepatriinud, Helena Vaha-Päikeseratas, Teachers' representatives: Diana Nigu - Vikerkaare House, Tiiu Langeproon - Sipsik House, Keila City Council representative: Maris Mäger .

The city government appointed Keila as the representative of the city government to the board of trustees of Keila School Eike Käsi. The board of trustees of Keila School for the 2022/2023 academic year was confirmed as consisting of Kriselda Kisel - student representative, Risto Sepp - student representative, Helen Pert - 1st grade parent representative, Märt Mathisen - 2nd grade parent representative, Kaarel Allikmäe - 3rd grade parent representative, Kertu Lepiksaar - 4th grade parent representative, Anneli Pärlin - 5th grade parent representative, River Tomera - 6th grade parent representative, Viljar Paalaroos - 7th grade parent representative, Peteri Grauen - 8th grade parent representative, Ermo Soobik - 9th grade parent representative , Raili Kann - 10th grade parents' representative, Anders Eensalu - 11th grade parents' representative, Kaja Kisel - 12th grade parents' representative, Mirjam Pärtel - teachers' representative, Tauno Hausenberg - teachers' representative, Marge Kannel - teachers' representative, Julia Guljajeva - teachers' representative representative and  Eike Käsi – representative of the city government.

The city government approved some changes by making the structure and composition of Keila Lasteaed Vikerkaar: 1,0 health worker positions, 0,25 food warehouse keeper positions were eliminated and 1,0 substitute assistant positions, 0,2 laundry warehouse keeper positions and 0,5 special pedagogue positions were created. In total, 81,5 positions remain in the kindergarten.

The city government submitted to the Keila City Council the 2022 budget II supplementary budget of the city of Keila in the total amount of -653 euros. According to the draft regulation, the revenues of the core activities of the city budget will increase by 249 euros, the costs of core activities will increase by 725 euros, the volume of investment activities will decrease by a total of 273 euros, and the volume of financing activities will decrease by 796 euros. The change in liquid assets is -690 euros. Tax revenue will be increased by 1 euros due to better collection of personal income tax compared to the main budget. This amount is transferred to the cash balance. According to the actual allocation of non-targeted grants, the income of the grant fund will be increased by 527 euros. From targeted subsidies, the budget for the income of Keila's core activities will be increased by 198 euros.

Keila Music School will perform Sten Lassmann (cover). In the program Khachaturian, Chopin, Balakirev, Babadzhanyan.

In the People's League, Keila KK has a home game against TSA Kalev.

Friday, October 14:

The opening of the Tuula road tunnel on the front cover of Keila Lehe. In the news, the recognition of conductor Valdo Rüütelmaa, the ban on mergers of postal companies, the birthday of the youth center, postcrossing, Tuula tee Keila Kodeti, recognition for teachers, the birthday year of the city of Keila, Keila Raamat 2022, Series run. The paper publishes a eulogy for Natalja Debkova. Together with the city government, the paper invites you to a thought trip about riverside planning. Palametsa pajatus continue teaching and learning in a medieval university. Made by Oliver Grauen.

It is a donor day in the cultural center.

Saturday, October 15:

Kadri Aller, or Tours in Keila, organizes the Witch (process) tour in Keila parish.

Training "How to store and protect textiles from damage" at the Harjumaa Museum. The lecture will be conducted by Marika Laht.

Keila Social Center has an open workshop where they talk about protective dolls of the Finno-Ugric peoples, those who wish can also make a doll for themselves, we weave national ribbons, we make Ukrainian guardian angels for charity and weave a shield net for the Ukrainian army, a helping hand is also needed to cut the strips. The day will be conducted by Tiiu Jalakas, Eve Selisaar, Piret Tiismaa, Lembe Maria Sihvre, Kaja Hõimoja. The event will take place within the framework of the Estonian Open Craft Workshops event and is free for participants.

Sunday, October 16:

In the KAOMOS CUP COMPETITION series, Keila KK will meet BC Kalev/Cramo at 17.30:XNUMX at the Keila health center.

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