3st week 2023

Monday, January 16:

The winners of the residents' campaign have been announced. This morning, Mayor Enno Fels, in the presence of City Secretary Maris Mäger and Human Resources Manager Janne Käsi, drew ten prizes of 7800 euros among the 400 adults entered in the register of Keila residents as of the New Year. Winners will be contacted and their names will be disclosed with their consent. The winners are Andres Killo, Eduard Ivanov, Kelli Stoitchev, Liina Neeme, Kerli Luts, Leili Haavandi, Vambola Öeren and three other citizens of Keila who did not want attention.

By the deadline, the evening of January 15, the city government was waiting for submissions for the Keila maker of the year, event and culture award nominations. By the deadline, 16 submissions were submitted for awarding the cultural award to five people/groups of people. Nominated candidates will not be made public. The awarding of the cultural award is decided by the Keila City Council based on the decision of the culture committee of Keila City Council. A total of 13 proposals for the maker of the year were received, in which there are 10 different nominations (some proposals can be combined) and four proposals for the event of the year. The maker of the year and the selection of the event are decided by a committee formed for this purpose, which can also ask the opinion of the city residents. The received proposals will be made public later, when it has been decided whether and which proposals will be put together.

Harjumaa children's choirs pre-rehearsed for the XNUMXth youth song and dance party today in the hall of Keila School. Children's choir conductor Elo Üleoja is on stage. And tomorrow there is a pre-rehearsal of Harjumaa youth choirs right here.

9-13 On January 7-8, Keila Kooli took place. internal school mother tongue olympiad for students of classes. All students of this age group could participate. Results: 8th grade 8st place Caroline Gaidenko 8th grade (teacher Anna Maria Jäetma); II-III place Marleene Edala 8th grade (teacher Maris Crandall) and Mariann Reis 7th grade (teacher Kati Mosen); 7th grade I-II place Grete Saarniit and Emili Viirlaid 7.b (teacher Brita Rikkolas) III place Keiti Kiintok XNUMX.e (teacher Kadri Toom), announced the chair of Humanities.

As a result of the additional vote, it became clear that Mia (Kersti Kukk), who grew up in Keila, will also make it to the Estonian Song final.

In Harju County Library, the National Library's collection "Nature's Dishes and Droughts" was opened.

The feature film "FAME FOOLS" was screened at the Keila Culture Centre. The feature film based on Eduard Bornhöhe's story published in 1892 takes the viewer to the end of the century before last, when Estonia was still part of the tsarist state. Pride in one's nation and the desire to give something eternal to one's people at any cost was emerging. The film stars Karl Robert Saaremäe (Saalomon Vesipruul), Veiko Porkanen (Tatikas), Maiken Pius (Agnes the laundress), Ott Sepp (Värdi), Saara Nüganen, Marian Heinat, Loviise Kapper, Argo Aadli, Margo Mitt, Vallo Kirs, Margus Jaanovits, Guido Kangur, Stefan Kristofer Soeson, Ott Raidmets, Tiit Sukk and Jüri Lumiste. The director of the film is Ain Mäeots, screenwriter Ott Kilusk, cameraman Mihkel Soe and artist Karoliina Kull. The producers of the film are Kristian Taska and Adeele Tähemaa from Taska Film.

A morning training campaign lasting until the end of February started in the health center.

Tuesday, January 17:

The committee formed by the city government opened a poll on the city's website to explain the 2022 maker and event of the city of Keila to the people of the city. 13 proposals were received for the Keila city maker of the year competition (two nominations are combined) and 4 proposals for the event of the year competition. The commission takes into account the opinion of voters when making a decision. You can express your support until the evening of February 1 HERE. The laureates will be announced at the ceremony of the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia on February 23 at the Keila Cultural Center. You can continue to vote between inclusive budget ideas.

An e-form for the request for a public event permit was added to the website of the city of Keila. The form is a system for receiving and processing applications for the local government and in the self-service environment SPOKU and it has an automatic coordination circle with the Police and Border Guard Board and the Rescue Board. The agencies can send the application back for correction, and after the correction, it goes to a new coordination round. If the approval is granted, the application will be processed by the city government. The signed permit is automatically issued to the applicant via SPOKU and does not need to be sent separately via Delta. The permit application can be found at: https://keila.ee/taotlosed/ -> Public event permit https://keila.ee/taotlused/avaliku-urituse-luba/

Keila City Crisis Committee meeting. The power outage staff exercise "79 SÄRTSU" organized by the Rescue Board began, in which all municipalities in Estonia participated. As an introduction, a greeting from the General Director of the Rescue Board, Kuno Tammearu.

Harjumaa Museum prepared a virtual exhibition Wikipedia:GLAM/Universitas Vasallorum/I

Keila School's 2nd grade and teacher Jana Uibo together with librarian Varje Mägi went on a study tour to the Estonian Children's Literature Center today. The center located in the old town of Tallinn is actually a wonderful place for all adults and children. In addition to a cozy library full of valuable literature, there are several other rooms in the building that offer the joy of discovery and knowledge. In the treasure room, the children saw primers and children's books from different times. The journey of the book is also made of wood and red. In the illustration gallery, it was possible to admire the works of Estonian illustrators. The Edgar Valter gallery also offered exciting exploration. One of the most exciting places in the center was, of course, the attic for children. The colorful and cheerful characters of the Puppet family on the walls, the forest moor house - the children could probably spend the whole day in the center's attic. The house was exciting and it was also great to discuss books and reading, but the one-hour excursion had turned into almost half an hour more without anyone noticing, led by Kaja, the center's consultant. However, it was also good to know that this exciting building is open to all interested parties and that we all have the opportunity to (re)discover the center.

At the Waldorf School in Läte, teacher Kaia Mets-Buijs gave a lecture to parents about the curriculum of the Waldorf school.

The 1st stage of the Keila Ski Series planned for today was replaced by a stadium run at the Keila School stadium. 24 runners participated. Yesterday's rain and warm temperatures created black, icy sections on the ski track in such a way that even a worse ski would not be happy to use it. The alternative running tracks are also abundantly covered with icy bumps, while the stadium is almost entirely melted clean. The distances are from a separate start: Children's 400 m (100 m + one lap); For young people, 2 km (200 m + six laps); On large roads, 4 km (100 m + 13 laps). RESULTS

The board of the Estonian Softball Union, gathered in Saku on January 17, elected Timo Suslov, a member of the Riigikogu and a resident of Keila, as the honorary president of the union. In the past, Timo Suslov has been associated with baseball, among other things, he won a bronze medal in the youth class at the European Championships in Italy in 1993.

Karmel Jano U800 won the 18m race at the Harju County School Youth Championship with a new personal record of 2.19,53

The city government received a letter from Ellen Steffen, a Swiss resident visiting Tallinn, who is looking for her father's roots and home. Ellen's grandfather's name was Siegfried Eberhard Reuss, his wife Elvine Adele Reuss (Kangermann), Ellen's father's name is Ulrich Karl Reuss.

Here is Ellen's letter to the city government:

Hello, I have a question for you…

The family of my father, partly German, partly Estonian, lived in Keila before the second world war. Then they had to leave their country in 1938 and my father never had the opportunity to see his homeland again. He died very early and I can't ask him any more.

I would like to discover, if their wooden house is perhaps still there. Absolutely with no (!) claim but the wish to see where they lived.

I don't know the address, only that he had to pass the cemetery if he came from the railway station and that their garden must have been limited by a river….

I attach a photo of the house, my grandmother, grandfather and sister and brother of my father who wasn't born yet at that time. They lived in Keila moved to Tallinn and returned to Keila because my grandmother got very sick.

I am at Tallinn until 27 January so I could pass by in case if... Many thanks in advance for your answer!

Kind regards Ellen Elisabeth Steffen, Chemin de la trappe

Today, the road engineer Arvo Tinni (17.06.1935 - 17.01.2023), born in Keila, Australia, the concrete man, as he called himself, passed away. The Keila city government expresses its deepest condolences to her husband Malle!

Wednesday, January 18:

Representatives of local governments of Harjumaa, who are interested in or already have committees/councils for the elderly, met in the hall of the city government. The agenda includes a brief overview of the "Young-Old Networking Together (NOVA)" project for the protection of the elderly (Agu Laius, project manager, Golden League). Keila Mayor, Chairman of the Council of the Elderly Enno Fels and Deputy Mayor, Deputy Chairman of the Council will talk about the foundations of the Keila Council for the Elderly, support from the city, and the activities of the Council Eike Käsi. Kerli Vilk, public health advisor of the Union of Harjumaa Municipalities (HOL), provides an overview of the mapping of mental health in Harjumaa municipalities. In addition to Keila, Kuusalu, Maardu, Lääne-Harju, Viimsi, Saku, Kiil, Rae, Harku and Saku parish/city were represented, and the organizers were HEAK and HOL.

There was a lecture "Alien species" at Keila Väärikate University. Reet Kristian from the Department of Environmental Education of the Environmental Board spoke. What are their dangers, how to avoid them. Reet Kristian from the central glove department. Canadian goldfinch, curly-leaved rosehip, blue lily, snowberry, raccoon dog, American mink and mink and more at a glance Common animals of Estonia... everyone rest strangers. Invasive. Still brought to our natural space by the will and help of man. And by the way... the jackal is not a foreign species. It turns out that since they themselves came to us from Ukraine through Lithuania-Latvia, this is a natural development. New Year's greeting from Keila Music School in the form of a flute student.

The city government's child protection workers invited a support group for parents of children with school problems to the Social Center.

The second module of Persona Dolls training took place in Miki's kindergarten.

Pärnu Sadam defeated the representative team of Keila KK 1557:89 at home in front of a record crowd of 66 people. By Keila, Conrad Sengbusch 15p, 11ef, Kristen Kasemets 14p, 7l, Matej Radunic 12p, 18ef. The reigning Estonian champion together with sponsors organized a big basketball night on Wednesday, the aim of which is to raise money to support Pärnu youth basketball. Before the match, the manager of the club, Johan Kärp, expressed hope that more than a thousand spectators would come. "Every person who comes supports Pärnu basketball with 22 cents

As in many other rivers, the melt water level in the Keila River has also risen considerably, but is not yet at a dangerous height. At 18 o'clock in the morning of January 8, the water level in Keila reached its maximum height of + 203 cm (the long-term January average is 79 cm). The highest water level measured at the Keila hydrological station was on April 5, 1994, when the water rose to a height of 262 cm. In the header image, Jaana Ojala's picture of Jõeparg's White Bridge, which was in the water.

Thursday, January 19:

The 71th session of Keila City Government on January 19, 2023.

The city government submitted to the Keila City Council a draft amendment to Regulation No. 2018 "Inclusive budget of the city of Keila" of 11, with which the city government wishes that in the future the size of the inclusive budget will be determined by the action plan of the development plan of the city of Keila approved by the Keila city council for the corresponding year and the amount will be added to the budget of the corresponding year. According to the inclusive budget regulation of the city of Keila currently valid in November 2018, the size of the inclusive budget in the fiscal year is 15000 euros. According to the city budget adopted on the basis of the action plan of the development plan of the city of Keila, 2022 euros were allocated for the inclusive budget in 20000, in 2023, the amount of the inclusive budget is planned in the budget according to the action plan of the development plan of the city of Keila, 25000 euros, in 2024, according to the action plan, the amount of the inclusive budget is 30000 euros, and 2025 euros in 2026 and 35000.

The city government sent the Keila City Council a draft for the 2023 cultural award of the city of Keila, which appoints 5 persons/groups of persons as nominees from among the submitted candidates, for which a total of 16 proposals were submitted. Nominees for the Culture Award are not made public. The 3000-euro City of Keila Culture Award is determined by the City Council based on the decision of the City Council's Culture Committee and will be presented to the laureate along with a letter of honor from the City of Keila by Enno Fels, the Mayor of Keila, at the 105th anniversary concert of the Republic of Estonia, which will take place on February 23, 2023 at the Keila Cultural Center.

The city government charged AS Utilitas Eesti with a personal right of use to own a district heating network permanently connected to the plot of land and to carry out all the work necessary for the construction of the district heating network and the use, reconstruction, repair, maintenance, replacement, maintenance and for operation in other ways for the purpose of ensuring the operation of the technical facility. As a result of the project for the construction and reconstruction of the singing stage located on the property of tn 4a, the district heating network lines belonging to AS Utilitas Eesti located on the property of Pargi tn 3a must be moved and built to a new location. 

The city government approved the act of taxation of 2023 taxable plots of land located in the administrative territory of the city of Keila in 7162.

The city government submitted a draft to the Keila City Council for the purpose of imposing compulsory possession on the immovable properties of Luha Street 11 and Luha Street 13 in order to establish the obligation to maintain a public road for light traffic.

The city government issued a building permit for the construction of bicycle and footpaths, lighting, bus shelters and rainwater drainage for properties on Põhja street, Luha street, Niidu street and Luha street 7, 7a, 11, and 13. The designed bicycle and footpaths are covered with concrete and have a width of 3 m from Põhja street to Niidu street. Lights with LED lamps, which are installed on metal poles, are intended for lighting bicycle and footpaths. The designed bus pocket is located on the edge of Luha Street, at the property of Luha Street 11. The existing waiting room and bus waiting platform will be connected to the bicycle and footpath and to the designed open pocket. The pavements of the existing slopes will be renewed.

The city government issued a use permit for the district heating pipeline built on Põhja street and properties 10, 12 and 12b of Põhja street.

The city government submitted a draft for establishing the detailed plan of Park 30 and the surrounding area (architect Anne Kose, work no. 2102-DP) for consideration by the Keila City Council. With the detailed plan, the intended purpose of the property is partly changed to residential land, traffic land and green area land, a building right for the construction of a 6- to 5-story apartment building is assigned to the planned land area, the principles of landscaping and good management are determined, the possible location of access roads and utility networks and facilities necessary for the operation of buildings and facilities, and the need for easements are determined.

The city government sent a draft to the Keila City Council for consideration, which requests permission to carry out eight public procurements, as a result of which contracts with a term of more than one fiscal year will be concluded and financial obligations will be taken in connection with them:. Permission is requested for the open procurement procedure "Year-round maintenance of parks and green areas of the city of Keila 2023-2025", with a contract term of up to 3 years; open procurement procedure "Paldiski road reconstruction and traffic light installation", with a deadline of up to 1 year; simple procurement procedure "Car rental", with a contract term of up to 5 years; simple procurement procedure "Purchasing the ATS system of Keila School (Ehitajate tee 1)", with a contract term of up to 1 year; simple procurement procedure "Computer procurement of the computer class of Keila School (Ehitajate tee 1)", with a contract term of up to 5 years; below the simple procurement threshold procurement "Preparation of detailed planning of Keila health trails", with a contract term of up to 2 years; procurement "Keila Lasteaden Vikerkaar network equipment" below the limit of simple procurement, with a contract term of up to 3 years; below the simple procurement limit for the procurement "Auditing of consolidated annual reports", with a contract term of up to 2 years.

The city government, on the proposal of the procurement committee, decided to sign a framework contract for the purchase of foodstuffs for the municipal tea gardens of the city of Keila from the joint-stock company PINUS at an annual cost of 2023 euros, plus VAT, by 134. The same company has been a good contract partner for the city of Keila since August 789,98, 2018, when purchasing food for kindergartens.

The city government sent the draft for the adoption of the 2023 budget of the city of Keila to the second reading of the Keila City Council, which also includes the rates of thirteen subsidies to be paid from the 2023 budget of the city of Keila. In the submitted 2023 budget project of the city of Keila, revenues are planned to be 23,1 million euros, which is 9,3% more than in 2022. Planned tax revenues make up 62,6% of core business revenues, of which individual income tax is 14 euros, land tax is 300 euros and advertising tax is 000 euros.

The planned allowance rates are a birth allowance of 500 euros per child; allowance for a child going to school for the first time - 150 euros per child; jubilee allowance 50 euros per jubilee; support for a child under guardianship - 50 euros per child per month; transport support for a child with special needs up to 160 euros each month when the study takes place (0,2 euros per kilometer if using a personal car); caregiver allowance for the caregiver of a disabled child, 70 euros per child per month; caregiver allowance for the caregiver of an adult 70 euros per person per month; funeral allowance 240 euros per deceased; support for a family with children up to 200 euros per child per year; preschool participation fee support of up to 87 euros per child per month; children's club and camp support of up to 200 euros per child per year; in other justified cases, social support up to 400 euros per year; the limit of support for private preschool institutions and private preschool childcare services is up to 470 euros per child per month.

The city government submitted to the Keila City Council a draft amendment to Regulation No. 2015 "Procedure for subsidizing private childcare services" of 2, which, upon acceptance, will provide support if the parent's co-payment does not exceed 20% of the monthly minimum salary established by the Government of the Republic. The amount of the support and the rate of the parent's co-payment depend on whether the residence of the child and both parents or a single parent or the parent or guardian of the foster family as of January 1 of the year of the obligation to pay the support and co-payment is the city of Keila according to the Estonian population register and the number of days of use of the childcare service per week and is fixed in the service provision contract . If the childcare service starts or ends within a calendar month, the subsidy is paid based on the actual time of use of the childcare service.

A bill to amend the procedure for providing social welfare assistance was submitted to the city council for consideration, with the aim of repealing sections 27 and 36. The first will abolish the allowance for a large family, because according to the family allowances law adopted by the Riigikogu, from this year the allowance will be paid in larger amounts - 80 euros for the first and second child and 100 euros for the third child 3 euros per child, 6 euros for a family with 650-7 children and 850 euros for a family with 80 or more children, and 3 euros for a child of a single parent. The increased family allowances ensure that large families (with 1 and more children) can cope better than before on a monthly basis. In the budget, we allocate funds under the income-dependent type of support for families with children, where the need for support has already increased in the last year, especially among families with 2 and XNUMX children and families with a single parent. The drug subsidy, a type of support dependent on the family's income, which was paid for partial reimbursement of the costs of prescription drugs on the basis of a registered invoice/receipt issued by the pharmacy once a quarter, will also disappear. Everyday practice has shown that, in addition to prescription drugs, there is often a great need for over-the-counter drugs, hygiene products or hoopis to compensate the visit fee, and already in the current month, when the expenses have been incurred. Therefore, medicines can be compensated from the freed up funds under the income-dependent type of support In other justified cases social support allocated on a need-based basis and in addition to prescription drugs also for over-the-counter drugs.

The city government directed Keila's child, who is severely disabled, to the Family Home Foundation's support person service and decided to pay for it.

The city government submitted the draft for the formation of Keila city ward committees and the appointment of members to the Keila City Council. According to the proposal, two ward committees will be formed for the Riigikogu elections in Keila (ward committee no. 1, chaired by Aadu Kroon and ward committee no. 2, chaired by Raili Särev.

The city government sent the draft for the selection of People's Judge candidates to the city council. 7 persons have applied to become a candidate for the People's Judge.

The Harjumaa Museum representative went to Viimsi Artium to live with the museums at the Estonian Museums Annual Awards event. There were no prizes in Keila this year.

The second stage of the Keila Ski Series took place on the ski track. 31 participants.

"Variations in Time and Colors" exhibition of Anne-Mari Rannamäe's oil paintings in the social center until February 1.

The Transport Board has established a different maintenance regime than usual on the state roads of Harjumaa until 20.00:9.23 due to severe weather conditions. More than 300 customers had a power outage in the area of ​​Vasara and Piiri streets from XNUMX:XNUMX in the morning. Electricity was restored in the afternoon.

There was a concert at the music school, where Renats Vagans, Egle Ieva Kazakeviciute, David Komlev, Jiayi Wu, Henri Zibo, Janis Sustrups (bass) and Niklas Schröder (cello) and Ivan Jermakov from the Lasnamäe Music School performed in the accordion class of EMTA lecturer Momir Novakovic.

23 students and 2 teachers from Nieuwegein Calls College came to Keila School as a student exchange. Friday is Tartu day when ERM is visited, the weekend is for families, Monday in Tallinn, January 24th in Keila and departure on January 25th.

Radio worker Madis Ligi, pediatrician Tiina Stelmach and Peeter Volkonski, a cultural figure with roots in Keila, received the title of honorary citizen of Tartu.

Friday, January 20:

Keila The front page of the page about pines in Keila. In the news about ENSTO, the train timetable, the residents' campaign, the inclusive budget and the vote for the maker and event of the year, the new cabin, the best running competition, the snow to snow competition. Learning to ski longer, positive health behavior and Keila's film tracks in Arkaader. Anneli Pärlin thinks about the tax system. The museum archive continues with Keila's sports life. The maker is Andres Laasma.

Saturday, January 21:

The Keila KK representative team will meet the BK Ogre team away from home.

The traditional football tournament Keila CUP started in the health center. P-2015 is on the field this weekend. and P-2014.

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