Mayor Enno Fels

Areas of activity:
general management, strategic planning of city development, city representation, relations with the public, foreign projects, foreign financing, foreign relations, internal control, family status operations, crisis prevention and communication, public procurement, city budget, loan policy, investment financing, local taxes, accounting management.

Deputy Mayor Inge Angerjas

Areas of activity:
organization of spatial planning of the city territory, heritage protection, environment, good order, waste management, construction and land-related operations, water supply and sewerage, energy management and communication plans, transport and traffic management.

Margus Välja

Areas of activity:
management and development of urban property, housing and utility management, coordination of law enforcement issues, public order and security, consumer protection.

Maret Lepiksaar

Areas of activity:
functional and economic planning of city development, management and coordination of city development projects, city-side coordination of tourism development, collection and distribution of city tourism information, business development, culture and hobby activities, sociological research, organization and analysis of orders.

Elmet Puhm

Fields of activity: youth work, child protection, communication, development of inclusion and cooperation, civic associations, relations with religious organizations and churches, integration of non-Estonians.

Merle Livand

Areas of activity: education, social work, healthcare, science, drug addiction prevention.


On 05.03.2020, the Keila City Government formed the Keila City Children, Youth and Families Committee by Order No. 72.
The committee was formed to improve, prevent and support the livelihood of children, families with children and young people in the city of Keila.

The composition of the committee is as follows:
chairman - Keila City Government social work specialist;
vice-chairman - education advisor of Keila City Government;
Child protection workers of Keila City Government;
Manager of Keila Youth Center;
social pedagogues of Keila School;
Youth police officer of Keila city.

Chairman of the committee Ene Ellik, Keila City Government social work specialist:
Tel. 679 0725

Minutes of committee meetings are not subject to publication to protect sensitive personal data.

Chairman of the committee: Enno Fels, the mayor of Keila
Vice-Chairman of the Committee: Inge Angerjas, Deputy Mayor of Keila

Committee members:
Maret Lepiksaar, Deputy Mayor of Keila
Elmet Puhm, member of Keila city government
Merle Livand, member of Keila city government
Margus Välja, member of Keila city government
Eike Käsi, Deputy Mayor of Keila
Maris Mäger, Keila city secretary
Katri Reimann, financial manager of Keila city government
Anu Rei, city gardener of Keila city government
Mart Arrak, public order specialist of Keila city government
Valdur Vacht, Keila city government spokesperson
Uno Paas, councilor of Keila city government
Janno Jazõkov, manager of AS Keila Vesi
Mart Meriküll, Head of the Keila Constabulary Station, Lääne Harju Police Department of the Northern Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board, regional chief
Ragnar Neudorf, Chief of the Keila Rescue Command of the Northern Rescue Center of the Rescue Board
Renee Toomes, Head of the Defense Union School
Dmitry Opmann, AS Utilitas Eesti, head of the Keila department
Elmo Meier, EKT Teed OÜ, head of the field

The Keila City Government established the Council of the Elderly of the City of Keila as a permanent commission of the Keila City Government by Order No. 27.04.2022 on 95

The commission was formed to find out the views of the elderly on issues related to city life (transportation, good order, cultural activities, etc.) and to present these views to the city government in order to effectively solve the problems of the elderly.

The composition of the committee is as follows:
Chairman of the committee Enno Fels, the mayor of Keila
Eike Käsi, vice chairman
Urve Paltser- member, substitute member Siina Rajamäe
Ago Kokser - member, substitute member Sirje Kaur
Evi Peterson- member, substitute member Maris Ehrbach
Toivo Lumiste- member, substitute member Ilmar Puskar
Aime Põlluvee-Juurik- member, alternate member Kai Taring
Aavi Terasmaa- member, substitute member, Liis Lille
Tiiu Ora- member, substitute member Maie Kivi
Maret Lepiksaar-member
Inge Angerjas member
Riina Sippol-member
Kalle Kask-member

Tel. 679 0700

Main floor of the Council of the Elderly of the city of Keila

Mayors, city elders and chairmen of the executive committee of Keila

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Keila City Government
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