The city budget is a plan for the change in income, expenses, investment activities, financing activities and liquid assets of the fiscal year's main activity, together with additional requirements, authorizations and information, which is the basis for financing the activities of the corresponding year.
The budgets of the city of Keila are accrual-based. The city's fiscal year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.

Adoption of the 2023 budget of the city of Keila 
The 2023 budget of the city of Keila 
Explanatory letter of the 2023 budget of the city of Keila 
A brief overview of the Keila 2023 budget


The budget strategy is prepared in order to achieve the goals set in the development plan in order to plan the financing of the planned activities. 

The local government's budget strategy must:

  • describe the financing of the goals specified in the development plan;
  • cover at least four subsequent years in the year of preparation;
  • include an analysis and forecast of the economic environment;
  • provide an overview of the actual income and expenditure of the local government of the previous year, planned for the current year and forecast for the following years in the detail required by law;
  • to present the results of the main activities and the net debt burden of the local government and its accounting unit for the previous year, and those forecasted for the current and subsequent years;
  • contain other important financial information.

Budget strategy of the city of Keila 2022-2025 
Budget strategy of the city of Keila 2023-2026


After the end of the fiscal year, the municipality prepares an annual report, including a budget execution report, which is audited by an independent auditor and then approved by the council.

Keila city consolidation group's 2021 financial year report 
Independent Statutory Auditor Report 2021 
Extract from Keila City Government 12.05.2022. of the session of the year

Sectoral distribution of the budget of the city of Keila

The budget for core business income in 2023 is 23,114 million euros.
Moving the mouse over a sector displays a numerical value.

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The budget for core activities in 2023 is 23,107 million euros.
By moving the mouse over the sector, the monetary value is displayed.

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Budget execution as of March 16, 2023.
Revenue fulfillment 22%
Fulfillment of expenses 16%

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Budget implementation as of March 16, 2023
Fulfillment of core business income EUR 5,141 thousand (22%) 
Fulfillment of core business costs EUR 3,770 thousand (16%)

Budget execution file 16.03.2023

The budget for core business income is EUR 23.114 thousand
Fulfillment 22%
The budget for core business expenses is EUR 23.107 thousand
Fulfillment 16%


In the window below, you can view the budget lines and execution of the city of Keila.
There is also a zoom button below the bar. You can display the budget table in a separate window FROM HERE.

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