The procedure for supporting community activities from the budget of the city of Keila the goal is to encourage and promote community activities. The change in the name of the procedure for supporting non-governmental organizations under the former name was caused by the fact that from 2021, in addition to partnerships, non-profit organizations, foundations, companies and self-employed persons can also apply for project support. However, the possibility of requesting support does not extend to operational support, only non-profit organizations and foundations can continue to apply for it. 

The application method has also changed. Applications can be submitted through the e-environment. Only in exceptional cases can the request be submitted by e-mail. For this, you should contact the City Government official Jaanus Väljamäe separately.

Activities are supported in the following areas: 
1) cultural activity; 
2) sports and exercise; 
3) health promotion activities; 
4) activities in the social field. 

When allocating support, the city government is based on the following considerations: 
1) the duration of the planned activity is until December 31 of the supported year; 
2) the activity has clear goals and corresponds to the city's development plan; 
3) the necessity of the activity for a wider target group is justified and meets public interests, i.e. the applicant's goals and activities are aimed at a wider target group than the membership of the association; 
4) sustainability of activity and/or organization; 
5) the applicant has self-financing for the activity; 
6) foreign trips are not supported. 

Project support for community activities is a type of funding aimed at the residents of the city of Keila to organize events and encourage joint activities. 

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Link to e-applications: 

Additional information: Jaanus Väljamäe 
Technical support for applications: Katrin Leppik
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