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Women's home protection invites you to visit

Feb 2 2023
15: 00 - 19:00
Keila Culture Center
The Keila branch of Women's Home Protection invites you to visit.
On the anniversary of Tartu peace, we invite everyone interested to talk about keeping the peace, contributing to national defense and the safety of your family.
We share information about the Naiskodukaitse, the defense union, as well as the Kodutytarde and Noorte Kotkaste organizations.
Come and find out what you can do for the safety of Estonia.
The Keila branch of Women's Home Protection calls for support for Ukrainian fighters.
For this we collect and knit woolen socks, gloves and neck scarves.
Both yarn and needles can be bought on site: Keila yarn store Rubentirts cooperates with us.
If necessary, you can get advice and help from us, because preserving tradition and traditions is one of the core values ​​of Naiskodukaitse.
A patriotic drawing competition has been organized for children.
See you soon !
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