Strategic assessment of the general plan (ÜP) and environmental impact (KSH) of the city of Keila

November 29, 2022. was taken Keila City Council decision No. 1-3/22 the general plan of the city of Keila was approved, the strategic assessment of the environmental impact was recognized as meeting the requirements and the general plan was directed to public display.  

Accepted the public display of the master plan took place from December 30, 2022 to February 14, 2023. Public display of results the public hearing took place on March 7, 2023 at 17.00:XNUMX p.m. in the Keila City Hall. 
The general plan of the city of Keila and the strategic assessment of the environmental impact were initiated by the Keila City Council on 27.03.2018. a with decision No. 7. The planning area is the administrative territory of the city of Keila. The general plan determines the future spatial development principles and conditions of the city of Keila.  
The aim of the general plan is to ensure the sustainable functioning of the city through efficient use of space and land. The connection of settlement direction, traffic schemes, recreational activities and other such things to neighboring municipalities is reflected in separate drawings. 

The decision to prepare a general plan and initiate a strategic assessment of the environmental impact.

ÜP materials 
ÜP materials on display at the public exhibition 30.12.2022 – 14.02.2023 
ÜP as of 08.08.2023

Spatial vision of the city of Keila

Keila's spatial vision deals with city-wide important spatial principles, which are the general basis for the preparation of the solutions of the general plan of the city of Keila and further land use and construction conditions. Spatial vision does not pretend to be accurate, the diagrams are presented in a generalized form of solutions. More detailed land use solutions can be viewed from the master plan drawings. Spatial vision is one of the most important parts of the general plan. The vision summarizes the planning solution in a general way and points out the most important urban space planning goals. Spatial vision consists of diagrams with explanations.

  • The solutions of the general plan are based on the goal of making the movement of people in this structure clearer and more comfortable. It is also the structural basis for building fronts, densification of buildings, diversification of functions and directing the architectural quality of buildings.
  • The urban structure of Keila has a remarkable feature, that the existing green areas are lined up one after the other. The general plan sets the direction of spatial development for the future, according to which it is necessary to ensure the preservation of the belt of green areas and to improve the coherence of green areas.
  • The general plan emphasizes the need to maintain and improve the coherence of the street network also over and along the railway and the river, as well as by valuing and connecting smaller roads and paths with the street network throughout the city, so that all journeys are pleasant.
  • The general plan provides the basis for maintaining and improving the spatial structure of the green network.
  • Keila is one of the best cities in the Tallinn region for living without a car. This basis is created by the frequent train traffic and the railway station in the center of the city. The general plan is based on the goal of improving journeys from homes, workplaces and schools to the railway station.
  • The master plan protects the historically established and therefore characteristic views of Keila in the future.
  • The general plan promotes the development of the street network and public space related to the city of Keila (including the riverside promenade and bridges), the removal of production that disturbs the living environment, and the addition of residents and services on both banks of the river, including the territory of neighboring municipalities.
  • Keila is one of the best places to add new residents in Harju County. This means that it makes sense to plan to densify the city with new housing.
  • The companies located in Harju KEK and Tööstuse tn industrial parks are the most important employers in the city of Keila. The general plan envisages the improvement of transport connections necessary for production and a better connection with the urban space of the central part of Keila.
  • The general plan aims to enliven, strengthen and diversify the Keila city center. The master plan envisions the center blocks as a 21st century living, business and leisure environment that is vibrant, versatile and consists of conveniently connected spaces.
  • The Road Administration is planning two detours: north and south from Keila. The proposed detours will significantly affect the urban space of Keila, including changes in the space connected to the existing roads. Road developments must improve the people-friendliness of Keila's immediate surroundings and Keila's connections with its surroundings.

Development vision of the Keila center

On 10.09.2019, the compilers of the general plan of the city of Keila organized A workshop at the Keila City Government to find out the suggestions of Keila residents, how to direct the development of Keila's city center in the perspective of 15-25 years with the general plan and what the tasks of the general plan will be considering the special features of the city center. The area around the central square of Keila is treated as the city center, but the city center can be perceived as an area of ​​different extent for everyone. The pictures of the streets of Keila city center in the general plan illustrate the general principles of the general plan. The pictures capture the five parts of the historic city core: four historical road corridors branching off from the Central Square: Tallinna mnt, Paldiski mnt, Haapsalu mnt, Tuula tee and the Central Square located in the middle.


27.03.2018 by Keila City Council decision No. 7 the preparation of the general plan of the city of Keila and the strategic assessment of the environmental impact were initiated, and the initial starting points were confirmed.

On 06.11.2018 there was an introduction to the preparation of the ÜP of the city of Keila, an opening meeting slides ja protocol.

On 10.09.2019, the presentation of Keila's urban spatial vision and working groups were held, where the focus was on the spatial problems of Keila's city center. The spatial vision of Keila is the basis for the preparation of the general plan of the city of Keila. Summary of the workshop held in Keila City Government. Residents, institutions, companies, interested persons, apartment associations of the city of Keila were included in the invitation. The invitation was published in the Keila newspaper, on the website of the city of Keila and on the Facebook page. Minutes of public hearings and workshops.
For the broad-based involvement of citizens and interest groups, the process of preparing the general plan was carried out collection of ideas, with which to jointly plan local life. You could submit your ideas from November 13 to December 31, 2018.

The intention to develop the starting points of ÜP and KSH
Completed in November 2018, Keila city government in cooperation with Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment (ELLE) has prepared The starting points of the general plan of the city of Keila (hereafter LS) and the intention to develop a strategic assessment of the environmental impact (hereinafter KSH VTK). Regarding the draft of LS and KSH VTK, relevant institutions were asked for their suggestions and position. All materials were published on the website of Keila City Government.

Public exhibition and discussion of the ÜP sketch
The public exhibition of the ÜP sketch took place on 18.10.2019. – 05.11.2019 and public discussion on 05.11.2019 in the second floor hall of Keila City Hall, where the proposals received during the public exhibition were reviewed. A total of 17.00 proposals were submitted during the public exhibition of the sketch. The submitted proposals were presented mainly regarding the treatment of the topics of preservation of the living environment, conditions of environmentally valuable buildings, preservation of green areas, densification of the existing residential area, and changing the management purpose of land use in the general plan. Written responses have been sent to commenters. Public discussion of the sketch protocol and table submitted during and after public display with suggestions and answers.   

Public exhibition of the draft ÜP and KSH report
The public display of the draft ÜP and KSH report took place on 03.08 - 13.09.2020 and the public discussion on 06.10.2020 starting at 17.00:XNUMX in the second floor hall of Keila City Government. Keila ÜP draft public discussion protocol
Table with the proposals and responses received during the public display of the draft and table with the proposals and responses received following the draft of the public exhibition. After the public exhibition, separate meetings were held with the Transport Board, the Lääne-Harju Municipal Government and local residents, a table of the meetings held with protocols.

Summary table of agreements and opinions as of 15.11.2022

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