The 17th session of the Keila City Council

The 17th session of the Keila City Council will be held on Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 18.00:XNUMX p.m. in the Keila City Hall.

On the agenda:

1. Mayor's report

2. Amendment of Keila City Council Regulation No. 24 of November 2020, 15 "Procedure for providing social welfare assistance in the city of Keila"

The Keila City Council amended its 2020 regulation "Procedure for providing social welfare assistance in the city of Keila" by abolishing the large family support and drug support. Until now, the Big Family allowance, which did not depend on the family's income, was paid once a year to a parent raising at least four minor children. The type of support was invalidated, because according to the family allowances law adopted by the Riigikogu, from this year support will be paid in larger amounts - 80 euros for the first and second child and 100 euros for the third child, support for a large family is 3 euros for a family raising 6-650 children and 7 or more children 850 euros for a foster family and 80 euros for a child of a single parent. The increased family allowances ensure that large families (with 3 and more children) can cope better than before on a monthly basis. In the budget, we allocate funds under the income-dependent type of support for families with children, where already in the last year the need for support has increased, especially among families with 1 and 2 children and families with a single parent. A type of support that depends on the family's income, drug support was paid once a quarter to partially compensate the costs incurred for prescription drugs on the basis of a registered invoice/receipt issued by the pharmacy. Everyday practice has shown that, in addition to prescription drugs, there is often a great need for over-the-counter drugs, hygiene products or hoopis to compensate the visit fee, and already in the current month, when the expenses have been incurred. Therefore, medicines can be compensated from the freed up funds under the income-dependent type of support In other justified cases social support allocated on a need-based basis and in addition to prescription drugs also for over-the-counter drugs.

3. Adoption of the 2023 budget of the city of Keila

The Keila City Council adopted the consolidated budget of the city of Keila for 2023 and the rates of subsidies to be paid from the budget of the city of Keila for 2023. In the 2023 budget of the city of Keila, 23 euros are planned for the amount of income from the main activity.

In the 2023 budget of the city of Keila, revenues are planned to be 23,1 million euros, which is 9,3% more than in 2022. The biggest revenue is tax revenue, which accounts for 62,6% of core business revenue. Of the tax revenues, personal income tax makes up 14 euros, land tax 300 euros and advertising tax 000 euros. In 150, the local government unit of the taxpayer's place of residence will receive 000% of the taxable income of a resident natural person. The personal income tax collection in 10 is 000% higher than the planned collection in 2023, taking into account the actual income tax collection in 11,96 and the growth of local government income tax in the years 2023-2022 outlined in the economic forecast of the Ministry of Finance. The forecast of land tax collection is based on the actual collection in 10.

In terms of labor costs, a 23,9% increase in fees is planned for general education school and kindergarten teachers, 17,7% for music school teachers, and 8% in other salary funds in general. The minimum wage rate increased to 725 euros, the minimum wage for teachers of general education schools to 1749 euros, and the minimum wage for kindergarten teachers to 1575 euros.

The volume of expenses for the core activities of the planned 2023 budget is 563 euros. 054 euros earmarked for street maintenance and renewal. The economic costs planned for street maintenance consist of ongoing street repairs and other one-time works. Current street repairs mainly consist of spring and summer pothole repairs, road surface restoration repairs, replacement of curb stones and maintenance of gravel roads. Sub-objective No. 164 of the action plan of the current development plan of the city of Keila for the years 000-2023 will be fulfilled and the costs of traffic management and public transport in the amount of 2026 euros will be provided in 8, which will be used for public transport within the city of Keila in accordance with the cooperation agreement concluded with UTK.

For cleaning and maintenance of public areas, which includes road and street maintenance services; 2023 euros are planned in the 330 budget for the year-round maintenance and small repairs of the city's green areas, parks, elevated greenery, light roads, city furniture, etc. From 000, road and street maintenance will be carried out by EKT Teed OÜ. Year-round maintenance of green areas and parks is performed by Turf OÜ until July 2022, 2023, based on a public procurement contract. Regular maintenance is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the maintenance class on a green area of ​​1 ha. According to the contract, the planned funds are 70 euros. The improvement costs of 96 include the planned improvement of the city's public areas - planting trees and bushes and carrying out a maintenance section of high greenery. In 000, 2023 euros and 2023 euros are planned for the maintenance of the park and beach area of ​​the protected Keila Manor and 36 euros for the maintenance of the Central Park. Maintenance costs of street lighting mainly consist of maintenance costs and the cost of electricity and total 000 euros.

A total of 5,4 million euros have been planned for early childhood education, 8,7 million euros for first and second level education, and 731 euros for the music school.

The amount of 2,47 million euros is planned for social protection.

The planned total amount of other free time, culture, religion expenses is 89 euros. In the total amount of 100 euros of grants from this part of the budget, the culture award, the artist of the year and the event of the year awards, grants paid within the population campaign and allocations for the church building repair grant are reflected.

122 euros are planned for sports activities, which are divided into two different grants: 000 euros will be distributed to sports clubs in accordance with the current youth hobby support scheme, and 77 euros will be distributed as additional hobby support according to the hobby activity plan. Part of this support is covered by the state through its interest activity support measure. The amount of the grant will be determined after the approval of the state budget and grant fund. The budget for the management costs of sports activities is 000 euros, of which the larger expenses are planned in the amount of 45 euros for the rental of the sports halls of the Keila Health Center and Keila School - for this, the use of the city's sports facilities is free for the city's sports clubs. 000 euros are planned for the maintenance of health trails and outdoor bases. 409 euros have been planned for city competitions and events related to movement. 970 euros have been planned for the costs of recreation parks and bases, which ensures the financing of the planned activities. Under leisure activities, 282 euros are planned for community activity and project subsidies, 000 euros are planned for the operating costs of leisure events. Various city-wide events and campaigns will be carried out with the mentioned amount, including a round table of non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs, hosting Keila's sister cities as part of Keila days "Keila 48", joint marketing of regional tourism and the Porikuu festival as part of the North-West Estonia tourism development network, celebration of the anniversary of the battle, celebration of the equinox, brainstorming sessions of the creative town, songs - and dance party expenses, seniors committee and youth council expenses.

Keila Noortekeskus is an institution that organizes and mediates leisure activities, preventive activities and events aimed at young people. In 2023, the priorities are the development of youth information and mobile youth work, the support of youth entrepreneurship will continue. The increase in the labor cost of Keila Youth Center is planned in accordance with the general personnel policy of the city. By 2023, labor costs together with contract workers will amount to 209 euros. Management costs are planned to be 053 euros.

The local budget of the Harju County Library was 391 euros. State budget allocations in the amount of 994 euros are added to the planned own resources budget.

The budget of the Keila Cultural Center is planned to be 435 euros. Labor costs are planned at 216 euros and management costs are planned at 215 euros.

The planned volume of expenses for the main activities of Harjumaa Museum in 2023 is 344 euros, of which the operating support for museums of the Ministry of Culture covers 075 euros.

The rates of allowances paid in Keila in 2023 are: birth allowance - 500 euros per child; allowance for a child going to school for the first time - 150 euros per child; jubilee allowance – 50 euros per jubilee; support for a child under guardianship - 50 euros per child per month; transportation support for a child with special needs - up to 160 euros in each month when the study takes place (0,2 euros per kilometer if using a personal car); caregiver allowance for the caregiver of a disabled child - 70 euros per child per month; caregiver allowance for the caregiver of an adult – 70 euros per person per month; funeral allowance – 240 euros per deceased person; support for a family with children - up to 200 euros per child per year; Pre-school participation fee support - up to 87 euros per child per month; support for children's hobbies and camps based on need - up to 200 euros per child per year; social support allocated in other justified cases - up to 400 euros per year; limit of support for private preschool institutions and private preschool childcare services - up to 470 euros per child per month.

4. Amendment of Regulation No. 30 of the Keila City Council of October 2018, 11 "Inclusive budget of the city of Keila"

The City Council amended its Regulation 30 of October 2018, 11 "Inclusive budget of the city of Keila". From now on, the size of the inclusive budget in the budget year is determined by the action plan of the Keila city development plan approved by the Keila city council for the respective year. The amount is added to the corresponding year's budget.

5. Taking a financial obligation

The City Council allowed the Keila City Government to carry out eight public procurements, as a result of which contracts with a term of more than one fiscal year will be signed and financial obligations will be taken in connection with them. The city government was given permission to organize an open procurement procedure "Year-round maintenance of the parks and green areas of the city of Keila 2023-2026", with a contract term of up to 3 years; open procurement procedure "Paldiski road reconstruction and traffic light installation", with a deadline of up to 1 year; simple procurement procedure "Car rental", with a contract term of up to 5 years; simple procurement procedure "Purchasing the ATS system of Keila School (Ehitajate tee 1)", with a contract term of up to 1 year; simple procurement procedure "Computer procurement of the computer class of Keila School (Ehitajate tee 1)", with a contract term of up to 5 years; below the simple procurement threshold procurement "Preparation of detailed planning of Keila health trails", with a contract term of up to 2 years; procurement "Keila Lasteaden Vikerkaar network equipment" below the limit of simple procurement, with a contract term of up to 3 years; procurement "Audit of consolidated annual reports" below the limit of simple procurement, with a contract term of up to 2 years.

6. Forcible possession of immovable properties at 11 Luha St. and 13 Luha St. located in the city of Keila in order to establish the obligation to maintain a public light traffic road

The city council established an indefinite compulsory possession for the benefit of the city of Keila for the part of the Luha 11 and Luha 13 apartment properties for the construction, ownership, management, maintenance and other use of a public light traffic road for the purpose of ensuring the functioning of the street network. The city of Keila ensures the good order, maintenance, repair of the forced possession area and fulfills other obligations of the owner of the road and bears all related costs.

7. Amendment of Keila City Council Regulation No. 27 of January 2015, 2 "Procedure for supporting private childcare services"

The Keila City Council amended its regulation of January 27, 2015 "Modification of the procedure for subsidizing private childcare services" so that in the future, support will be paid if the parent's own participation does not exceed 20% of the monthly minimum salary established by the Government of the Republic. The amount of the support and the rate of the parent's co-payment depend on whether the residence of the child and both parents or a single parent or the parent or guardian of the foster family as of January 1 of the year of the obligation to pay the support and co-payment is the city of Keila according to the Estonian population register and the number of days of use of the childcare service per week and is fixed in the service provision contract . If the childcare service starts or ends within a calendar month, the subsidy is paid based on the actual time of use of the childcare service.

8. Keila town, Pargi 30 and establishment of detailed planning of the surrounding area

The city council established a detailed plan for Pargi 30 and the surrounding area (architect Anne Kose). With the detailed plan, the intended purpose of the property is partially changed to residential land, traffic land and green area land, a building right is assigned to the planned land area, north of the Keila Hospital building for the construction of a 6- to 5-story apartment building (maximum 120 apartments), landscaping and improvement principles are determined, access roads and buildings and facilities are set for operation the possible location of the necessary utility networks and facilities and the need for easements. With the detailed plan, the management purpose of the land for public buildings according to the current general plan of the city of Keila is partially changed to residential land.   

9. Determination of the 2023 cultural award of the city of Keila

Keila City Council, according to the proposal of the culture committee, awarded the 3000-euro city of Keila cultural award in 2023 to Peep Pahvi and Üllar Kerde for their coaching work, which resulted in Keila's representative team reaching the basketball championship. The 2023 City of Keila Culture Award will be presented to the laureate along with a letter of honor from the City of Keila by Enno Fels, the mayor of Keila, at the 105th anniversary concert of the Republic of Estonia, which will take place on February 23, 2023 in the Keila Culture Center.

10. Formation of ward committees of the city of Keila and appointment of members

The city council formed the district committees of the city of Keila and appointed the members of the committees. Two ward committees were formed in Keila for the Riigikogu elections (ward committee no. 1 with 9 members and ward committee no. 2 with 8 members). The chairman of ward committee No. 1 (located in the Keila Cultural Center) is Aadu Kroon and the members are Katrin Sassi, Riina Heina, Jaana Ojala, Kätlin Paalaroos, Eve Maibak, Toomas Aasa, Eve Vahar, Katrin Leppik, substitute members Valdur Vacht and Katri Reimann. The chairman of ward committee No. 2 (located in the Harju County Library) is Raili Särev and members Sven Andrejev, Kristel Kõrvits, Heidi Kena, Eve Eelmäe, Märt Jamnes, Sirje Kaur, Piia Peterson, alternate members Kristel Karro and Tarmo Rande.

11. Selection of People's Judge candidates

As a result of a secret vote, the city council decided to nominate Lidia Merimaa and Rain Truu as candidates for the people's judge of the Harju County Court.

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