Keila Leht is a weekly newspaper of the city of Keila, which is published every Friday and is posted in mailboxes of the city of Keila from Friday to Monday. 
The circulation of the page is 5 copies. 
People living outside the city of Keila can order Keila Lehte at home. 
Subscription prices:
3 months 36 euros
6 months 72 euros 
To give an article tip, please write to e-mail address or call 658 8569

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KEILA LEHT contacts

SA Keila Leht 
Keskväljak 11, 76608 KEILA (in the Keila City Government building) 
Phone: +658 8569 XNUMX 
E-mail: leht[@]
Current account: EE142200221036997830 Swedbank 

The responsible publisher is Evelin Povel – evelin[@] 
Editor Evelin Povel – evelin[@] 
Posted by Imbi Kromanov - imbi[@] 
Journalist Allar Viivik - allar[@] 
Proofreader Anne Siniveer
Advertising and Distribution Manager Evelin Povel – evelin[@] 
Home delivery AS Express Post 
Print AS Printall


Please send advertisements by e-mail: leht[@] 
The editorial office has the right to refuse to publish advertisements and advertisements with inappropriate content.
Prices for publishing classified ads and condolences:

Line ad up to 120 characters including spaces, one time
for a private person: 7 euros (includes VAT)
for companies and institutions: 15 euros plus VAT 
adding a frame to a classified ad 2 euros per ad

Condolence in a frame 43 x 50 mm
for a private person: 15 euros (includes VAT)
for companies and institutions: 25 euros plus VAT 
a double size frame will be charged twice
In the expression of condolence, please indicate the name of the deceased. 
Birthday - or other congratulation in a frame 43 x 50 mm

for a private person: 15 euros (includes VAT)
for companies and institutions: 25 euros plus VAT 
a double size frame will be charged twice

Advertising pages are 7 and 8. By separate agreement, it is possible to publish advertising on other pages, except for the front page.  
The price includes design if necessary.  
The page will be printed on Wednesday, we expect ready advertising designs by Tuesday evening at the latest. Discounts for repeated appearances. 


After the money has been received, the classified ad, condolence or congratulation of a private person will appear on SA Keila Leht account no. EE142200221036997830 (Swedbank) at the latest on Wednesday of the week of publication at 2 pm.
If the person making the transfer is not the same person who sent the ad, please include the name of the sender of the ad in the explanation so that we can see which ad has been paid for.
It is also possible to pay for the ad in cash at the office.
Payment to companies and institutions based on an invoice.

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Keila City Government
Keskväljak 11,
Keila 76608, Estonia

Working hours:

Mon, Wed, Thu: 8.00 -16.30
Tue: 8.00 - 18.30
Fri: 8.00 - 14.00

Phone: 6790700
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