Project name: Flood risk mitigation, construction in Keila city
Project number: Klima.4.01.20-0020
Project start and end: 30.08.2021 – 15.02.2023 

The city of Keila requested funds from the Environmental Investment Center (KIK) for the preparation of basic projects and post-project construction activities, as a result of which the risks of flooding caused by the Keila River will be reduced, and received a positive decision, with which KIK supports the activities with 647 euros and 258,83 euros for the city's participation. The project is financed by the Ministry of the Environment from the funds of international climate cooperation.

The aim of the project is to mitigate the harmful consequences related to flooding caused by the Keila River on people's health, the environment, cultural heritage and economic activity.
Before the implementation of the project, studies were carried out, preliminary projects were drawn up and the environmental aspects of the activity were evaluated to reduce the harmful consequences of floods caused by the Keila River, taking into account the local water regime (groundwater level in the soil, river water level, network of ditches and streams, river swamps, economical solutions for dispersing water). In order to find a suitable technical solution, a number of activities have been analyzed in the studies and a choice has been made in favor of such measures, in which there are no negative environmental effects and the cost of the activity is in balance with the benefit as follows: replacement of the pedestrian bridge on the Tallinn highway by increasing the bridge opening, restoration of the former riverbed of the Keila river at the river fork, cleaning of ponds and construction of slopes By Tuula road, cleaning the Tuula road ditch. The described activities mitigate the impact of the flood or its consequences in various parts along the Keila River and/or are aimed at mitigating various consequences. These are mutually complementary activities, which must be treated as a complete solution and for which, taken individually, there are no real reasonable alternative technical solutions.

The landscape part of the work (ponds, ditches, slopes in Jõepark and reconstruction of the Keila ditch and culverts) was carried out by INF INFRA OÜ
The bridge was built by Osaühing Järelpinge Inseneribüro

The project will remain for public use, the systems built during the project must continue to be maintained, financial resources will be planned in the budget of the city of Keila as needed. When developing the area, the mitigation measures prescribed in the study and project must be followed.

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