Keila City Government participates in the project "ISTE" or "Implementation of the service model of person-centered special care in local government"

The duration of the project is 01.01.2023-31.12.2024
Project's goal:
The aim of the project is to pilot the applicability of a new person-centered component-based special care service model in municipalities in cooperation between the Social Insurance Board and local governments, including testing an approach based on service components in helping people with special mental needs and testing an organizational scheme where the local government is the organizer of services for people with special mental needs. To improve the early detection of the need for help and to increase the availability of necessary services for the target group of the project, by developing a service model where a person with special mental needs and his relatives are provided with help as a whole, based on the needs of the person and his family.
Project target group
The target group of the project is people of working age (from 16 to the age of old-age pension) with severe, profound or permanent mental special needs, who at the same time are not users of special care services and, if necessary, also their families. The size of the target group of the project in the city of Keila is 5 people.

The basic service provider in Keila is Keila Sotsialkeskus
Price list: Price list of service components 2023
Famitre OÜ ISTE Price list of additional support components

Additional information: social advisor Piia Peterson; 6790726
You can find more about the pilot project here From the website of the Social Insurance Board.


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Keila City Government
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