43st week 2022

Monday, October 24:

The summer season of Central Park is over. The fountain was closed, washed clean and put into winter mode.

In the Harju County Library, an idea lesson about recycling for children on SINGLE SOCKS.

Renne Merilo, the savior of the Keila commando, has traveled to Singapore to participate in the Miss Estonia Mrs Worldwide 2022 competition. The winner will be announced at the end of the week.

14 students of Keila School traveled with their teachers to Keila's sister city Barsbüttel.

Tuesday, October 25:

At the 14th session of the Keila City Council, the supplementary budget II of the 2022 budget of the city of Keila was read for the first time in the total amount of -720 euros. Tax revenue will be increased by 248 euros due to better collection of personal income tax compared to the main budget. This amount is transferred to the cash balance. The revenue from the sale of goods and services will be increased by 299 euros. According to the actual allocation of non-targeted grants, the income of the grant fund will be increased by 100 euros. Of this, 14 euros go to the national subsistence line and 690 euros to the replacement and support service line. From targeted subsidies, the budget for the income of Keila's core activities will be increased by 109 euros. The largest amount of this, i.e. more than 513 euros, is for Keila School. The borrowing budget will be reduced by 105 euros due to the postponement of major investment projects to the next fiscal year. The initial usable cash balance at the beginning of 442 was 4071 euros. Considering the change in liquid assets planned in the 300 budget of 471 euros in the main budget, -150 euros in the first supplementary budget and -000 in this supplementary budget, the amount of the cash balance will be 2 euros at the end of the period.

The Keila City Council amended its regulation of 26.02.2013 "The composition of the structure and positions of the Keila City Government (as an institution), the salary guide for employees and managers of the institutions managed by the Keila City Government". With this regulation, a change was made in the composition of the positions of the Keila City Government and in the maximum rates of the basic salary scale. The position of communications manager and the position of internal auditor and the position of advisor were added to the mayor's authority (the position of supervisory specialist was renamed, the job description and the position's subordination were changed). The position of project manager was added to the composition of the Development, Culture and Youth Employment Service as a new job. The next period's euro support measures are opening, the Project Manager monitors and is aware of the opening measures and creates connections with the action plan of the city of Keila. The task of the project manager is, if the application round is suitable, to involve city specialists in the relevant field, write project applications, manage projects and report. Within the Economic, Construction and Environmental Service, the specialist's job was renamed to the public order specialist's job, and the planning specialist's job was changed to a position. Within the education and social service, the position of guardianship specialist was named the position of guardianship and social work specialist, and the fixed-term position of coordinator and 2 fixed-term positions of support person were added. The job of an accountant in the accounting service was abolished, according to which there is no need.

The basic salary scale rates valid from 2018 were changed. The rate for the 1st salary step is now 900 - 2500 euros and the 2nd salary step is 1500 - 4000 euros.

Inspired by the children's book "KUNKSMOOR AND CAPTEN TRUMM" read on last week's reading day, various activities continued as project learning in several Vikerkaare kindergarten groups. For example, the children of the Merineitsi and Naksitrallide-Rõõmupallide group saw a corresponding and very cheerful performance in the music room today, which ended with tasting genuine herbal tea. Assistant Kersti Kunksmoori and assistant Malle played the roles of Captain Trumm in the performance. The learning activities of the Naksitralli-Rõõmupalli group (the ideas/verses of which, in turn, come from Moomin group assistant Signe and Lotte group teacher Tiina's bachelor's thesis "Tähemeelik") started with the carefully planned learning/consolidation of the letter K. In the morning circle, the children learned the rhythm verse "K is a cook".

Äripäev published the news that the last doors for large ships will go out of the Keila door factory in Saaj in early November. The company then lays off all 34 employees. According to Priit Raua, managing director of Saajos, the owner has decided to stop operations in Estonia and has started the bankruptcy process.

In order to diversify the physical education classes, on October 25, the physical education teachers of Keila School had an indoor training in badminton, which was conducted by Jaanus Väljamäe.

Book exhibition "Jüri Kuuskemaa 80" at the Harju County Library - today, October 25, art historian Jüri Kuuskemaa is celebrating his 80th birthday.

Wednesday, October 26:

A meeting of the youth crisis network (Saku, Lääne-Harju, Keila, Harku) took place in Paldiski. Keit Seppo, the field manager of the patrol service of the Lääne-Harju police station, spoke about the response in crisis situations and the role of the municipality, who gave an overview of the police's actions in the case of sadder life events. Child protection specialist Ingrid Sogenbits, our today's child protection worker, shared her experiences with the previous victim assistance service collection Psychosocial crisis assistance from SKA and the formation of a psychosocial crisis committee in Lääne-Harju municipality.

The results of the third quarter of Harju Elektri gave a reason to be happy for a moment, because the group achieved a record sales revenue with its core business and improved profitability. In today's unstable environment, it is difficult to predict the future and continued profitability, but the positive thing is that Harju Elektri has a record number of orders from customers. There is daily work to increase prices, solve supply problems and prepare for new framework procurements. The consolidated sales revenue for the third quarter and nine months of 2022 was historically the highest for Harju Elektri. In the reporting quarter, sales revenue was 46,1 (2021 Q42,2: 125,3) and in nine months 2021 (9 109,2q: 5) million euros. The gross profit for the reporting quarter was 803 (2021 Q5: 026) thousand euros and the gross profit margin was 12,6% (2021 Q11,9: 1%). Operating profit (EBIT) was 691 (2021 Q1: 183) thousand euros. The operating profitability of the third quarter was 3,7% (2021 Q2,8: 1%). The net profit for the reporting quarter was 406 (2021 Q931: 1) thousand euros, of which the share of the owners of the parent company was 493 (2021 Q915: 0,08) thousand euros. Net profit per share in the third quarter was 2021 (0,05 Q0,4: 9) euros. The price negotiations carried out in the previous quarters and unprofitable contracts entered into expenses have significantly improved the profitability of the quarter. The group continues to focus on improving profitability. The operating profit of the third quarter was affected as a one-time expense by the impairment of the goodwill of Energo Veritas OÜ in the amount of EUR 751 million. The gross profit for the nine months was 2021 (9 13k: 177) thousand euros and the gross profit margin was 7,8% (2021 9k: 12,1%). Operating loss (EBIT) -2 (482 2021k: operating profit 9) thousand euros and net loss -2 (350 3k: net profit 085) thousand euros were earned in nine months. Net loss per share was -2021 (9 1k: net profit per share 716) euros. 0,17 has been a difficult year for the group. Due to the increase in input prices and supply chain problems, the group had to critically reevaluate the ongoing work and the agreements concluded for the upcoming periods in the first half of the year. Several completed projects turned out to be more complex and unprofitable than originally planned due to cost overruns, which in turn were amplified by inefficiencies due to delivery difficulties. Read more about the III quarter report: https://harjuelekter.com/…/HE-vahearuanne-III-kv-2022.pdf

Under the leadership of the Digitugi working group, an internal training session "Using an interactive whiteboard" was held today in Vikerkaare kindergarten. The training was conducted by Laura, a teacher of the Sun pearls group, who shared and showed good advice on how teachers can diversify the learning activities planned for children. Today, interested people from Vikerkaare house took part in the training, and next week the same training will be held for Sipsik house. As a spontaneous idea, the participants took turns drawing a common picture with a sequel invented on the spot.

In the Harju County Library, there was an idea lesson on recycling on the topic of cardboard and games.

The chair of inclusive education at Keila School visited the Tondi School for students with special educational needs. The principal of Tondi School, Sirli Väinsar, introduced the principles, vision and values ​​of the school. The head teacher Marge Süld gave a very thorough tour, during which the chair of inclusive education got to know various interesting teaching tools, techniques, systems and opportunities created for SEN students to acquire an education. The school has interesting solutions for students to calm down, for example, relaxation rooms for 1-2 students, study boxes for 1:1 students, an open library with a reading corner, a learning store where students can practice shopping, a climbing wall, an exercise track and other interesting opportunities for students to move. The reception at Tondi School was very warm, over a cup of coffee we could discuss issues related to SEN students, share thoughts and get inspiration. Keila School's chair of inclusive education thanks Tondi School for the reception!

Thursday, October 27:

The 56th session of the Keila City Government on October 27, 2022.

The city government reviewed the Harjumaa Museum development plan 2023 - 2027 in the first reading in order to direct it to the public.

The city government decided to pay 2022 euros from the Keila city budget to the non-profit organization Keila Table Tennis Club PINKSIPROFF in 690 for the organization of the Keila table games multi-competition at Keila School on November 19, 2022.

The city government set the design conditions for the preparation of the district heating pipeline project on the properties of Pargi tn 4a and Ehitajate tee 3, if there is a detailed plan.

The city government changed the addresses of several properties located on Geoloogide street.

The new address of Geologide tn 1 is Pääsukes tn 1, Geologide tn 5 Pääsukes tn 2, Geologide tn 6 Pääsukes tn 3, Geologide tn 2 Tihase tn 1, Geologide tn 7 Tihase tn 3, Geologide tn 3 Ööbiku tn 1, Geologide tn 8 Ööbiku tn 3 and Geologide tn 4 Leevikes tn 1. Regulation No. 16 of the Minister of the Environment of June 2021, 32 "Address data system" results from the requirement that the address of the place is determined by the traffic area from which the address object can be accessed. However, the place-addresses of the cadastral units Geologide tn 1 to Geologide tn 8 have so far been assigned to the nearest street, Geologide street, and not from the access roads from which real access to the cadastral units takes place. Geologide tn 1, 5 and 6 can be accessed from Pääsukes street, Geologide tn 2 and 7 can be accessed from Tihase street, and Geologide tn 3 and 8 can be accessed from Ööbiku street. Geologide tn 4 can be accessed from Leevikes street. The arrangement is necessary to carry out the change of address in the ADS (address data) system and to comply with the law.

The city government established compulsory possession in favor of Elektrilevi OÜ (registration code 11050857) for the ownership, management, repair, replacement, maintenance, maintenance, commissioning and other use of the reserve pipe of the underground cable line on the part of Luha street and Niidu street for the purpose of ensuring the operation of the electricity network.

Additional social benefits were paid in the amount of 700 euros.

Today, teacher Anna Volkova took the Ukrainian children from the Päalillete group of Miki's kindergarten on a study trip to the Rõõmu Baking House.

In cooperation with the Estonian Youth Literature Association, an online meeting with youth writer Koidu VG Ferreira was held at the Keila Youth Reading Club in the Harju County Library.

Keila KK had a home game against Park Minigolf in the People's League in the Keila School hall. Winning account open! Keila KK, which started the season of the People's League with two losses, earned its first victory of the season when it defeated Park Minigolf 78:67 with the support of the home walls. While Keila was ahead 34:30 at halftime, after a strong third quarter they led 58:44, and success was never relinquished. Marcus Lenk and Mart Maide shone as Keila's best with 21 points and 19 points. Kert Lepikson, Tarvo Vent and Juss-Joosep Jaagu all added 8 points. The next game is already on Sunday, October 30 at 19.45:XNUMX p.m. in the Sõbra sports building in Nõmme, against the subgroup leader, undefeated BC Torm.

Friday, October 28:

Keila Lehe's report on a walk on the riverside promenade. News about changes in train traffic and Swedbank's comprehensive insurance. Timo Suslov reviews the state budget. There is also talk about the real estate market in the III quarter, Montessori pedagogy, Porikuu, the book "Endel and Kati". Viivik flipped through Keila's phone book from 1995. Palametsa pajatus is made up of traveling students and friends. The author is Alla Parhomenko.

The Harjumaa Museum exhibition "Weird things" is open until Sunday. Today, October 28.10, is a free visit day at the museum. The new exhibition opens on Thursday, November 3.

It was the deadline for the receipt of ideas for the 2023 inclusive budget of the city of Keila. 24 different ideas were received. The committee will review the ideas on November 8. The amount of the involved budget is 20000 euros.

In the Harju County Library, an idea lesson on recycling for children CUPS AND MILK PACKAGING.

Saturday, October 29:

Today, there was a meeting with poet, writer and skin artist Maarja Unduski in the Harju County Library. The most talked about was her book "Ellen Niit. A chip of bright thought". And Maarja's mother, Ellen Niidu, less than the rest of the family. The meeting was conducted by Agu Veetamm, organized by the Harju County Library.

Chat Morning in the Harju County Library. Actor Veljo Reinik reads stories from Kristi Piiper's book "Amorunud keldrikkäk, vegan verkäkk and others". In addition, we make Halloween decorations.

Olena from Ukraine wants to thank the people who have helped her organize two public one-day cafes with borscht in the Social Center. 

It turned out that the nominee for hiking character of the year is Eduard Pukkonen from Keila with his blog http://spordilinn.blogspot.com/  , where Keila is often mentioned. You can make the hiking association's choices easier by expressing your support https://matkaliit.ee/aasta-tegijate-nominendid-2022/?fbclid=IwAR1g_H4SfFbYfHlYGPxW9uXr8WTBHdcsMsjpLHk2EgRCZZio9jIlLD-NYjk

Sunday, October 30:
Renne Merilo, the savior of the Keila commando, won the first princess title at the Mrs Worldwide 2022 competition in Singapore.

At 17.30:81 Keila KK representative team's home game against BK Ogre. Keila lost 87:XNUMX.

The 2023 Youth Series - Swim and Run Stage I took place. This is a competition for young people up to 18 years old. The goal is to provide an off-season opportunity to compete in the two individual endurance areas of triathlon: swimming and running. The total result is the sum of the times of both areas. Parents can also compete outside of the series.

The Keila Cultural Center had a Circus.

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