42st week 2022

Construction procurement of the singing field. Reading day. Riverside planning.

Monday, October 17:

The evening rush did little harm to Keila. The white bridge on Jõesaar suffered the greatest damage, where a fallen tree broke the handrail of the bridge.

The construction of a water intake point has started on health trails. According to the drawings of the real project, Nordpont OÜ has undertaken the main contract. Construction should be completed by the end of the year.

Fox Week events started at Keila School.

Karmen Püü's lecture was "Eurythmy" at the Waldorf school in Läte.

Miki's kindergarten will take place on October 17. training on "How to take care of yourself and others, self-management and communication tools that reduce tension and increase joy". Lecturer Jaanus Kangur.

Tuesday, October 18:

In the interschool media literacy competition held at the National Library of Estonia on October 18, students from grades 7-9 took part. classes, Keila School's representation of 9th grade girls came in second place. The winner of the competition was the team of Tallinn Real School, and the third place was taken by Gustav Adolf Gymnasium. Fourth place was awarded to Pärnu Ülejõe Primary School. The jury awarded a special prize to the Keila School team for the board game "Battle of Hackers". The award was presented by the Child Protection Union as part of the Smart Internet project.

Reading week in Pargimaja: Wednesday and Thursday again brought many nice (re)meeting moments and great reading experiences. On Tuesday, Kaja Peetris, Julia Jones, Martin Öövel, Liina Paap, Marju Raadik-Kantsik, Silja Murel and Kristel Kõrvits. On Wednesday, Maris Mäger, Riine Rozin, Arvo Liivamägi, Gethe Kooli and Heli Israel met with the students.

From October 18, 2022, an exhibition of acrylic paintings by Keila choir director and music teacher Ilona Laido can be viewed in the gallery and hall of the office building of the Union of Municipalities of Harju County. The exhibition is colorful and attractive and inspired by Iceland's nature and people.

The 2022 Swimming School Autumn Competitions took place in the Health Center. The children of the Indrek Sei Swimming School gathered again from the corners of Harjumaa this Tuesday afternoon and swam to victory in the Keila Health Center. Lots of records, good nerves, first starts in life and fun slurping - the beginning of the academic season was celebrated in a great way and the new expectations for training are clear. Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to the young people in their future training.

Harjumaa Museum announced that the Bread Weeks are over, but the sweet smell of bread still lingers in the museum. This year, 541 participants came to learn bread wisdom. Over the course of 13 years, 6367 people have taken part in the bread program. Endless thanks to our lovely tireless museum friend Tiina Vikat.

The meeting of the cultural committee of the city council took place in the Youth Center.

On October 18-19, Keila's culture advisor Jaanus Väljamäe and Keila Health Center's representative Raido Notton participated in the autumn seminar of Eesti Terviserajad SA in Rakvere. The city of Keila will make a keynote presentation to introduce our activities in promoting the health movement. The seminar will introduce the country's support systems in this field in the coming years.

Wednesday, October 19:

The 55th session of the Keila City Government on October 19, 2022

The city government charged the part of Põhja street in favor of AS Utilitas Eesti with an indefinite personal right of use to have a district heating network permanently connected to the plot of land on the property and to carry out all the works necessary for the construction of the district heating network and the use, reconstruction, repair, maintenance, replacement, maintenance and other means of operation of the district heating network in order to ensure the functioning of the technical facility.

The city government issued a use permit for the water and sewage pipelines built on the properties on Kevade, Suve, Sügis, Ülepeju and Raba streets.

The city government established an indefinite easement for the 2/389 notional part of the immovable property belonging to the city of Keila located at Luha tn 10000a (separate property object dwelling no. 13) in favor of the Keskväljak 4 immovable property owned by Saku Korterid OÜ to enable the connection of rainwater and wastewater sewerage pipes.

The city government referred a citizen of Keila to the speech therapist service of OÜ Kõneravi from October 20, 2022 to December 31, 2022 and paid emergency social benefits in the amount of 400 euros.

The city government declared OÜ RTS Infra Eesti's bid successful in the public procurement "Construction of the Keila music field and its surrounding outdoor space" as the bid with the lowest price among the bids recognized as corresponding, with a total cost of 4 euros, plus VAT of 516%, where only the lowest price is taken into account when the bid is declared successful price in euros without VAT. Three bidders participated in the tender, all of which were found to be compliant. As reference works, RTS Infra Eesti presented the Männi park recreation area on Mustamäe and the projects of Elva Kesk street and the surrounding area. But on their website, the Narva riverside promenade and the Jõhvi central park promenade are also mentioned as their works.

The police officers together with the school people watched today (and also on Thursday) how the school children use the reflectors. Too many, or even the majority, did not have a reflector. Dark mornings and evenings are here again, and a reflector is very necessary to make yourself more visible. Moreover, wearing a reflector in the dark is mandatory. Those who did not have a reflector today received it as a gift from the police. Thanks to the Transport Board, which provided the reflectors for this!

Merily Leotoots (violin) and Joonatan Jürgenson (piano) gave a concert in the big hall of Keila Music School. Program: P. Uusberg “Paradise”, “Loviisa's Mood”, WAMozart Violin Sonata No. 22 KV305, R. Puur “Helisev Helk”, M. Kõrvits “Night”, C. Franck Violin Sonata A major.

Unfortunately, Keila KK could not open the winning score even in the second People's League match of the season, where they lost 68:75 to Tabasalu away from home. As you can see, it would be necessary to hit both long and free throws better. Marcus Lenk scored 27 points as the best bowler. Marten Mägi added 11 points and Kert Lepikson, Tarvo Vent and Mart Maide equally 8 points. The next game is on Sunday, October 30 at 19.45:XNUMX p.m. in the Sõbra sports building on Nõmme, against BC Torm.

The drum circle started again in the youth centre. Young people aged 7-26 who are interested in trying their hand as a drummer are welcome! (no previous experience necessary). Directed by Kristo Otter.

In the social center, there was a meeting with Mihkel Tikerpalu, an actor, school principal, description interpreter, national athlete and a nice person.

Väärikat University lecture in the library - Philately as a way of life.

Thursday, October 20:

In Keila and several other municipalities of Harjumaa, a table-top exercise Typhoon 2022 is held for the members of the crisis committee. The scenario of the exercise is a storm and interruptions of vital services caused by the storm. The local government's crisis-solving team must resolve the crisis in its territory. A representative of Põhja Päästekeskus participates in the exercise, who guides and monitors the progress of the exercises.

During the trip organized by the Võrumaa Development Center, local government figures and entrepreneurs interested in business life from southern Estonia visited Keila today. On the morning of the second day of my trip, there was a tour of Keila's companies. Now they were in the city government. Greetings and introductions from the mayor Enno Fels and CEO of Harju KEK Janek Lehtmetsa.

Keila Lions Club released the results of the charity concert held on October 12 in support of Ann Meeta Teppo, who performed on stage with Elina Nechayeva and Auli Teppo. The enthusiasm of the Keila Lions and the contribution of many collaborators and supporters made it possible to offer the audience a great musical experience and a rich cafe menu. Many thanks to: Keila town and Kultuurikeskus, Piletitasku.ee, SEB Pank payment solutions, Glamox, Erton Holding, Coffee Address, Prike, Usin, Funrent, Elina Nechayeva management, concert visitors and cafe customers! The Keila Lions club had a great experience in order to continue to offer the people of the city nice cultural events and the opportunity to do good. After listing all possible income and expenses, we are pleased to announce that 2047,60 euros were collected to support the purchase of Ann Meeta's violin. Thank you and see you again!

Reading Day was celebrated in Vikerkaare kindergarten. This year's reading day, already the 29th in a row, is entitled "In one small Pervik book". Aino Pervik herself has emphasized the importance of reading aloud and highlighted its importance in developing a child's empathy: "It becomes clear to the little listener of a bedtime story that you can do more with words than saying: don't do it! or: don't want! It turns out that words can create images of things that cannot be touched. This is also where empathy begins, which is one of the most pleasant human qualities".

Today's concert day at the music school started with the MUBA Music Day. Learning opportunities at the Tallinn School of Music and Ballet are introduced. After that, workshops for Keila MK students from MUBA teachers.

In the evening, Kristi Kapten (piano) gave a concert at the music school. The program included Beethoven, Scriabin, Poulenc, Liszt.

Friday, October 21:

Keila Lehes: from the (reading) on ​​the front page. In the news about renovation grants, satisfaction survey, street lighting and savings, guitar festival and basketball. Another story from the editor's tour of Hiiumaa is published - Kristina Halla gives the story. Medieval student life in Palametsa's dormitories. The creator is Davis Sepp.

The Keila Unicorn Squad team went on a tour of the Cyber ​​Command this morning. This is a planned activity within the course, and since one of the instructors works in the Cyber ​​Command, the girls use the opportunity and get to know the activities of the Ministry of Defense. Active parents are also involved, who then contribute so that the girls can participate in the excursion. HK Unicorn Squad is a movement that offers technology education as an interest education only for girls. Our goal is to raise interest in technology, robotics and natural sciences among girls aged 8-14 by means of practical and exciting tasks. The girls go to the Keila Rehabilitation Center together.

Eve Neumann on the saxophone and Pille Mettson on the organ give the concert "Songs and Dances" for the students of the Keila School in the hall of the music school. The program included Bach, Kõrvits, Jürjo and others.

In the Jää restaurant, the band La Luna will give a concert - a professional and rare composition that performs Latin American pop songs, bossa nova and jazz. La Luna makes your heart beat and your feet tap! Ensemble composition: Ruber Veliz (vocals and cajon, Cuba), Liina Fidelman (flute, Estonia). Entrance €10 (payment on site, subject to availability). This is the first concert at Jää restaurant.

Harjumaa II Municipality Day was held in Viimsi Atrium. Under the leadership of the Viimsi municipal government, the municipality day organized in cooperation with Tallinn University, the Union of Estonian Cities and Municipalities, the Union of Harju County Municipalities and the NGO POLIS is entitled "Lifelong interest education and activities, on the road to action." The meaningful day is full of presentations and workshops. The most important culmination of the day is the approval of the municipality day declaration. The thoughts contained in it will be an input for negotiations with the state, both in terms of budget and content.

Saturday, October 22:

The table tennis stage of the Keila Cup in the hall of Keila School.

Kalevi Swimming School Swimming Club Orcat swimming camp in Keila Health Centre.

Leaf raking day organized by the parish in the church garden.

Sunday, October 23:

The city government would invite residents to take a walk on the future promenade in order to participate in the planning of the green area by the Keila river. There were a few dozen people on the trip that went from Vesiveski bridge on the Tallinn road to Keila manor. The city of Keila is planning to announce a design competition for the design of the Keila river promenade in cooperation with the Association of Landscape Architects. The trip ended with hot tea in the Harjumaa Museum library, where all participants were asked for feedback and ideas to be taken into account when planning the promenade. The trip was led by deputy mayor Inge Angerjas, city architect Märt Maripuu and planner Kadi Tuul from the city government. Laura Männamaa, a member of the board of the Association of Landscape Architects, made notes for writing the conditions of the competition. Thanks to the participants! PICTURES

On Sunday, October 23, the BC Kalev/Cramo team had to travel from the capital Keila again, this time for the Paf Estonian-Latvian joint league battle. The basketball association has been forced to postpone the Paf Estonian-Latvian Basketball League match between Keila KK and BC Kalev/Cramo at the Keila Health Centre, which was supposed to take place on 23.10.2022. The reason for the postponement is the request of BC Kalev/Cramo regarding the general strike in the transport sector in Italy. The BC Kalev/Cramo team has no chance to return to Estonia by Sunday. The new time of the game will be agreed upon in the near future.

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