21st week 2023

Bowling Day week

Monday, May 22:

In Hiiumaa, Käina was held on 21-22 in May, the national (smaller schools) piano student competition named after Rudolf Tobias, at which 4 students from our music school successfully performed: in the age group of students up to 10 years old: KRISTOFER VENT- special prize program for a very good performance (teacher Diana Gromova); In the age group of 11-13-year-old students: ELLA MARIE MÄGER - II prize (tutor Eva Teppo), JETTE PIIBEMANN - special prize for a very good performance of a program and special prize for the best performance of a JSBach musical piece (tutor Eva Teppo), SOFIE HRAMOVA - special prize for a good performance of a program ( (study Diana Gromova). Congratulations!

Tuesday, May 23:

Golden Hut

The artist Kuldar Hütt passed away (August 7, 1942 – May 23, 2023). Kuldar, who lived in the village of Tõmmiku since 1969, was the "body artist" of the city of Keila for decades - his master hands made the office money of the mayor of Keila, the decorations of the city of Keila and many important awards for the city of Keila and others. In 1998, Kuldar received the cultural award of the city of Keila for his fruitful work as a metal artist, as a keeper of craft traditions, and for the exhibition "47 years with iron hands". Thank you very much, Master Gold! Sincere condolences to the loved ones!

On May 23, the XXVI International Young Musicians Competition "Sigulda 2023" took place. In the competition, different instruments compete with each other, there were a total of 45 participants in three different age groups. Deliisa Virunurm, sixth grade cello student of Keila Music School, won first place in age group B (12-13 years old) (second place went to pianist and third place to accordionist). Deliisa's teacher is Egmont Välja and concert master Kairi Vavilov.

Vikerkaare kindergarten had a traditional sports family day "Toddler Olympics 2023" brought both young and old sports fans to the kindergarten yard to test their skills. Based on the year of the movement, this time there were more participants than before, as some groups from Vikerkaare kindergarten Sipsiku maja were also involved. The Vikerkaare Kindergarten staff, always lively and cheerful, kindly guided children and family members during sports. A total of 12 sports offered sports opportunities and, as usual, the sports stations for older children were located in the spacious outdoor area, and the areas for younger children were located in the courtyard. The areas of the large yard were: "Hurdle Run", "Pillow Push", "Discus Throw", "Long Jump", "Basketball" and "Football" (I roll, dribble). In the smaller, or inner courtyard, there were "Balance track", "I fill my stomach", "I try and roll", "I jump with a ball", "Fork and together", "Worm run". There were a total of 305 participants on the Family Sports Day, and 146 of them were children. Thanks to the beautiful spring weather, the Kid's Olympics offered the participants pleasant and exciting experiences and the joy of meeting them. Many thanks to all the good children and their families. The kindergarten thanks both the organizers and the facilitators!

Keila Lasteaed Miki announced a competition for the vacant position of kindergarten teacher.

Today, the Naksitrallis of Vikerkaare Kindergarten went to Sipsiku House to watch the dance party of the Kindergarten children of Saue Municipality and join the children. In the morning, we ate our fill of porridge in the kindergarten, and then we took a quick train ride and a short walk to the Laagri Kooli stadium, where we had the opportunity to wave in greeting to the dancers. The children really liked the music, which was familiar and invited them to sing along. The children could also enjoy the pleasures of the stadium themselves - fast runs and skillful tricks were all done. The Sipsik House Sun and Sipsik group had a trip to Polli Zoo. The children of the Pääsupesa group had a graduation party in Vikerkaare house.

ENSTO was visited by members of Keila School's research circle. Andres Rajamets, Ensto's technical manager, introduced science enthusiasts to how the laws of physics can be applied in practice and which awesome solutions we offer our customers. Hopefully, the young people got even more motivated to study natural sciences!

Keila Swimclub organized a club competition celebrating the end of the season in the swimming pool.

Wednesday, May 24:

On a tour of local governments, Keila city government was visited today by Northern prefect Joosep Kaasik (left) and head of Lääne-Harju ward Lea Bärenson. In the conversation with mayor Enno Fels and councilor Uno Paas, the topic was cooperation between local authorities and the police, everyday concerns (e.g. work with young people, involvement of security companies, intolerant attitude of citizens along with interference in disturbances, etc.) and possible strengthening of cooperation.

Keila Music School had a graduation ceremony today, May 24. 10 young musicians received their graduation certificates. PICTURES

On Wednesday, May 24, the best participants of the 1st season of the "Who wants to know" quiz series met in the Pargimaja library of Keila School. Children who had participated at least twice received an invitation to the event. We were visited by memory gamer and actor Veljo Reinik, who talked about his curiosity and participation in memory game competitions. We learned, among other things, what it feels like to test your knowledge in front of a television camera and what makes him read knowledge books. We discovered that among us there are also fans of the series in which Veljo has participated, and Veljo's thumb holder in the Memory Marathon show. We also played golden fleece together, which was based on the questions we asked the children during the season. Of course, the best of the best were recognized and prizes were drawn among the participants. The magazines Minu Maailm and Hea Laps and the Keila Lions Club supported the awards. Anna Helene Rauk (4th grade) received the first place and the annual subscription of the magazine "Minu maaila" and the honorable second place, and the annual subscription of the magazine "Hea Laps" went to Lisandra Strelkov (4th grade). The third place winner, Noora Kulp (4th grade), received an Apollo gift card. However, Saara Kulp, a 2nd grade girl, was incredibly brave and determined, and she won an excellent fourth place competing with students from older grades. His good work was also rewarded with an Apollo gift card. A total of 7 students participated in 49 rounds of the quiz series. Almost 20 students tested themselves twice or more. Success and a place at the beginning of the ranking were guaranteed by persistence and, of course, finding the right answers. We will start a new series of quizzes again in the new academic year. See you in the library!

In the third stage of the Filter Tempo series held in Viimsi, Henri Arjus, who had a strong race, took second place overall. His average speed was measured at 14 km/h on the 47,9 km long track!

K. published by Keila TVeila in the fourteenth episode of Kool's stories sat in front of the camera was Karmo Tihane, who remembers the Sinilille kindergarten on the site of the current school building, making radio in the old school building and organizing events. The interview was filmed in 2021.

Miki's kindergarten took part in Laulasmaa folk dance day.

Thursday, May 25:

The 90th session of the Keila City Government on May 25, 2023.

The city government issued a usage permit for a 37 kW solar power plant built on the property of Paldiski mnt 20e.

The city government issued a building permit for the construction of a traffic light intersection on the properties of Paldiski mnt and Piiri street in the city of Keila. The construction project has been prepared by AS Signaal TM.

The city government assigned the following addresses and cadastral units to the new real parts of the real estate Sooserva located in the city of Keila (area 4,11 ha, 100% of the land for the purpose of waste storage) and Maanteeserva location Harju county , Keila city, 100% production land and 50% business land.

The city government changed the purpose of the cadastral unit Paldiski mnt 2b in Keila (cadastral code 29601:001:0309, registry part no. 16174150, 100% land for public buildings) and designated 100% residential land as the new purpose of the cadastral unit. Currently, there is one building on the cadastral unit - a garage.

The city government established compulsory possession in favor of Telia Eesti AS on a 4 m² part of Pargi tn 409a for the purpose of owning, managing, repairing, replacing, maintaining, maintaining, putting into use and otherwise using communication facilities for the purpose of ensuring the functioning of the communication network.

According to her application, the city government released Lenne Nõu from the position of director of Keila Lasteaed Miki from August 1, 2023.

The city government decided to announce a public competition for the vacant position of the director of Keila Lasteaed Miki and formed a committee headed by the deputy mayor. Eike Käsi. The committee includes representatives of the city government and kindergarten pedagogues and the board of trustees.

Deputy Mayor Eike Ksi participated in the meeting of the Harju County Health Council.

The graduation party of the children of the Naksitral group was held in the Sipsik house of Vikerkaare kindergarten.

The representative office of Keila Open Youth Center participated in the youth green conference "For a green future" in the Padis monastery.

Friday, May 26:

Keila Leht invites you to Keila Pää and writes about the Harjumaa Museum's new exhibition on the front page. In the news about the home delivery of the Keila page, support for replacing the old oven, the future of Tallinna maantee, the "Homes are Beautiful" competition, archery, Tiina Laanem's trip in the footsteps of the "Yellow Cat Commando", psychosocial help, churches on the road, news from the Music School, the parish photo contest. The museum archive publishes the memories of Johann Tähe by Mikk Vaikla and Matti Kaups. The maker is Andrius Lik.

Delegations from twin cities Birštonas (Lithuania) and Barsbüttel (Germany) have arrived for Keila Pää. The Riigikogu was visited today at the invitation of Riigikogu member Timo Suslov. Applicants were introduced to IT services in Estonia and the city of Keila. In addition, tours in Keila and several institutions. PICTURES

In the evening, there was the opening of the exhibition of wooden sculptures by Birštonas artist Andrius Lik in the Harju County Library, after which gifts were traditionally exchanged at a dinner organized together with the Society of Keila Sõpruslinnade Selts.

Rukkilill kindergarten sent 3 groups to school this time: Ants, Grasshoppers and Butterflies. The parties had a slightly sad undertone - we have been together for 5 years, gained a lot of knowledge and lifelong friends! We thanked the children, parents and our wonderful teachers: Maret, Kairi, Ande, Ellen, Elle, Ly, Sirje, Hilje, Külli, Liis, Valve and Mati.

Mixed choir Keila gave a concert together with Keila School's Youth Choir at Keila Music School.

Saturday, May 27:

Family party and fair Keila Päev dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the naming of Keila as a city in Keila Central Square. On the big stage, the day was ushered in by the children's choir of Keila School under the direction of Kadi Härma. The song dedicated to Keila also sounded from the big stage, "Kaunim kui kode". Next, the stage belonged to our youngest: the joint choir of Keila kindergartens, which arrived in a procession, entered the stage, where more than 250 singing children were singing at the same time. The main performers of the evening in the central square were Kukerpillid, Synne Valtri Bänd and Smilers. Leaders of the day Peep Raun and Rohke Debelak.


Keila Day MAIN STAGE: Keila Therapy Center's baby and toddler circle "Trolley Ballers", Bel Canto Lulustuudio, Keila School's children's choir. At 11 a.m. Keila Pää opening remarks from the mayor Enno Fels. Keila Kindergarten Joint Choir, Keila City Orchestra, Keila Folk Musicians, Keila Folk Dancers, Keila Music School's Margus Minni guitar major students, Graatsia Gymnastics Club, VIIS TOONI singing studio, PartnerAkro Acrobatic School, JJ-STREET Dance School, KIRSID ensemble and from 18.00:XNUMX p.m. KUKERPILLID, SYNNE VALTRI BAND and Keila Pääv apparently in front of a record crowd of SMILERS.

Central Park's musical interludes: piper Ain Lindvest, Viis Toon song studio, violinist from Ukraine Михаил Павлюков, Keila Music School's Margus Minn guitar major students and Raahel and Co.

CHILDREN'S AREA (next to the Cultural Center) various attractions and much more for children, the Duracell rabbit came to visit and the Sirlet art tent - lottery and art workshop

CENTRAL SQUARE - Keila Lions club, Keila Kiwanis charity tents, Harjumaa Museum, Women's Home Protection and introduction of young eagles, Lääne-Harju Invahuyung's lottery tent, Keila Basketball School + Prysmian Group, Prison Service, JJ-Street Dance School, City Motors and Amserv Auto presentations, Ensto Building Systems OÜ, Reform Party and Social Democrats.

KESKPARK: Science Theater with its show "Let's do chemistry", creating a joint painting for Keila under the guidance of Melandia ART leader Meelika Randma, you can take pictures in the Photobox and play mini golf from GATO's selection of outdoor games. In addition, the Makramee workshop and the exhibition of the children's department of the Harju County Library. Karolina Kuusik, the head of international relations of the Association of Estonian Open Youth Centers, together with Geter Ehrenpreis, the international youth work coordinator of the Keila Youth Center, came to talk about international youth work. Mini Pancake Cafe Kooker filled your stomach with savory and sweet pancakes. Keila Tennis, the starting tennis club in Keila Youth Center, presents its activities from the new season. In the recreation area of ​​Harju Elektri, you could rest your feet and learn more about the activities of the company. This fall, Harju Elekter Group will celebrate its 55th year of operation. In the central park there were also Keila Dog Friends Club IPSON, Acrobatic School PartnerAkro circus tent, Keila Football Club, children's attraction ZORB balls, Pony Walk and much, much more...

In addition, in Vaarikas Vahukoorega's own yard, Ohtu tee 5 - Home cafe with the best pieces, Handicraft sale with surprise prices, crafts for children, under the leadership of the social center, we weave shade nets in our yard. Kirbukas and cafe in Miki's kindergarten yard. Salt storage was open. EELK KEILA MIIKAEL CHURCH was open, including the entrance to the tower.

The Estonian Small Animal and Poultry Breeders Association organized an exhibition fair in Haapsalu mnt 21 yard. The opportunity to get to know the different breeds of poultry and rabbits raised by them, to ask advice and recommendations from the breeders, to exchange information and experiences. It is also possible to purchase the necessary inventory, feed, chicks, birds and rabbits

Keila City Government in cooperation with Wageningen University (Netherlands) is conducting a study to map bicycle traffic and find safe movement routes in Keila. Keila residents will be involved in the implementation of the project. Surveys among the students of Keila School have already been carried out as part of the study within a month. Whether you are a daily rider or rarely use a bike, your opinion is important in the survey and contributes to the mapping of Keila's bike use and needs! An international research paper will be prepared as a result of inclusive research. The study is also an input to the design of sustainable urban transport in Keila. In front of the city government, you could participate anonymously in filling out the questionnaire and mapping the bike route. The information was shared by the project manager and the city architect.

Keila CrossPower organized "Fittest in Keila 2023" in the parking lot of the city administration - a competition for spectators as well, where "Keila Day 2023 best woman" and "Keila Day 2023 best man" were explained. "Fittest in Keila 2023" took place in two competition classes, sport and elite class, where female-female, female-male and male-male couples can participate. During the day, couples have to perform three different programs, or WODs (workout of the day), which are divided into areas where strength, endurance and technique must be tested. The structure of the WODs will be revealed on the spot at the event. Before each area, there was a technical briefing where the correct performance technique was demonstrated.

Disposable wasteful plastic cups and dishes were abandoned on Keila Day. They were replaced with environmentally friendly reusable solutions. Eesti Pandipakendi's Panditops system works just like the good old deposit system, where a deposit is added to the cup or dish issued to you, and if you return the dish after use, you get the deposit back in full. Eesti Pandipakend then washes the used dishes and reuses them at the following events. Sorting the garbage is good, but the best garbage is, of course, the one that never happened.

Keila Model Aviation Club organized a Family Day at its airplane parked on the Karjaküla road.

At Keila Music School, the concert was performed by pianist, MUBA graduate Theodor Teppo, and accompanist was pianist Age Juurikas. The program included JSBac, L.van Beethoven, F.Chopin, E.Oja, M.Ravel.

In Keila School's Pargimaja and Loodemaja, Kaja Peetris gave a tour to the alumni of the school's 23rd Flight.

Sunday, May 28:

Mayor Enno Fels expressed thanks For those related to Keila Day: It was a very beautiful city birthday party! Thanks to the speakers and participants! Special thanks to the organizers: Keila cultural center, Katrin Sassi, Kalle Kask, Maret Lepiksaar, Valdur Vacht etc. A big round of applause for the best hosts ever - Rohke Debelakk and Peep Raun! Congratulations, Keila!

"The Ministry of Culture has declared 2023 the year of movement. The habit of movement is formed as a child, and that is why we have set ourselves the goal of organizing such a competition for the young people of Keila," writes Karmel Jano, the organizer of the competition, who is also among the best runners in his age group in Estonia. Keila Summer Games is a first-time competition for children born in and around the city of Keila up to 2012. Children can test themselves in the 60 m run, 600 m run, ball throw and long jump. There are over a hundred participants! It was the first such event at the Keila School stadium, excluding school competitions. Keila Linn, Triathlon Estonia, Alari Tammsalu and the families of the organizers helped organize the competition! Rummu career, Kalevipoja Koda, Maheleib, Premia, Super Skypark, Kuulsaal, Rimi, Balsnack and LaMuu contributed! Results: https://my.raceresult.com/246368/results?fbclid=IwAR3TCNg05T9pFpIQTOdvZVsMANbUdyQAaJnKC56nYfdYxdVOHc7S7fx07sw

The Keila city speed tournament 2023 took place in the premises of Harju Elektri. Results: 1. WFM Sofia Blokhin (MK Vektor) [6p out of 7]; 2. Karl Erik Olde (SK Reval-Sport) [5,5p]; 3.-5. FM Hendrik Olde (Tallinn MK), Mikhail Cherentsov (MK Vektor) and Raivo Viidu (Saue MK) [5p].

Riko Tammepuu raced herself to third place in the 41 km stage of the 60st Hawai Express Tartu Rattaralli.

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